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ILCOIN Becomes First Blockchain-Based VR Game on Steam

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ILCOIN, a self-described “digital asset launched in early 2015,” has launched the first blockchain-based virtual reality game on Steam, the popular gaming storefront, according to a press release from the group.

Speaking on the matter is Ramiro Faro Vélez, the CEO of SYDYG, who developed the game, shares some thoughts on the matter:

“Games are more than just fun for us. We have quite a few developments. The game provides a unique possibility for us to enter a market which we think holds great opportunity. The gaming industry is a market already worth several billions of dollars in which an effectively working blockchain technology could achieve great results since the gamers pay countless times for new experiences during the games. Why not make these transactions in cryptocurrency?”

The release describes this project some more:

In that climate, Age of ILCOIN built a team to offer both an absorbing VR experience, and a blockchain-enabled game economics. The game, ready for the Oculus sport, drew in work from several teams and companies. Age of ILCOIN is coming to the Oculus app store in the near future. When the game launches, it will be the first blockchain-powered game on Steam, adding another dimension to in-game purchases.

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