HyperPay Wallet Integrates TSS Technology to Increase Asset Security

Vulnerability Found Popular Crypto Wallets like Ledger and Others
Vulnerability Found Popular Crypto Wallets like Ledger and Others

HyperPay Wallet, a self-described “multi-ecosystem digital wallet,” that’s “safe and user-friendly,” has introduced what it calls the Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS), and has implemented it into its Hardware Security Module (HSM), according to a press release from the group.

This TSS is a form of advanced cryptography that should add security to users taking advantage of the wallet. The release describes this as:

“Through the encrypted interaction of multiple HSMs, the final signature is jointly calculated, which saves the on-chain multi-signature fees and avoids the on-chain multi-signature loopholes. It is the first time in the industry that combines TSS and HSM technologies to create the highest security level of off-chain products and wallet. HyperPay will maintain the unremitting pursuit of security technology in the subsequent business development, and maintain the security of the business operating environment.”

The goal, of course, is to increase the security of a blockchain-based wallet – a space consistently full of danger and hacks – to ensure accessibility. It’s difficult to recover stolen cryptoassets, so HyperPay Wallet wants to prevent that from ever happening in the first place.

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