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HTC Prioritizes Publicity Within New Crypto Mining On Exodus Phones

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HTC, the Taiwan-based smartphone maker, had its Exodus 1 model garner a fair amount of attention back in 2018. The smartphone was designed with an emphasis on blockchain technology and aimed to cater to cryptocurrency trading.

However, the device suffered from catering to a too niche a demographic, having done so in spite of the buzz it made about tis innovation. IN the end, it was expected that the Taiwanese tech company would continue to struggle with its handset portfolio against giants like Samsung.

Pushing For New Innovations

This month, however, HTC added to its Exodus line. Notably, a crypto-mining function. This function allows users to validate transactions through a 270-plus GB blockchain.

HTC first designed the Exodus as a handset that allowed for users to keep crypto-assets and data in a private, secure format within the device itself. This comes instead of in a cloud where it could potentially be seen. This time, however, users are capable of having their handsets mine crypto on its own. This adds cryptocurrency transactions to the public blockchain ledger, all the while trying to be the first to authenticate a trade. This comes in exchange for a bit of digital cash and is normally only something a strong PC or a dedicated hardware suite can properly achieve.

Good Concept, Complicated Practice

However, tech analysts have warned that there’s only so much processing power a phone can have, and the revenue from this mining function won’t be anything impressive. It does, however, stand to set a precedent in crypto mining, potentially sparking a trend among smartphone developers.

Of course, a spokesperson from HTC spoke quite highly of this new development. They described it as an “important breakthrough” when it comes to the crypto community at large. The spokesperson explained that HTC is continually striving for innovations, striving to bring what they think is best for the blockchain and crypto ecosystems.

Good Enthusiasm

While HTC may not be setting up a pioneering new trend in the smartphone industry, it will allow the company some publicity for the innovation itself. This comes as the opinion of several analysts.

Neil Mawston, the executive director of Strategy Analytics’ wireless device strategies, gave a statement about the matter as well. He speculated that HTC attempted to democratize mobile crypto mining through making it cheap and accessible. Mawston gave credit to HTC for at least giving it a solid attempt, though it needs one of the giants like Apple or Samsung to start a proper financial revolution.

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