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HASHWallet Announces IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign

ABN AMRO Says Goodbye to Its Bitcoin Wallet Because Of Excessive Risk
ABN AMRO Says Goodbye to Its Bitcoin Wallet Because Of Excessive Risk

HASHWallet, an “innovative wallet” for storing your cryptocurrency,  is now crowdfunding on IndieGoGo, according to a press release.

The release continues, stating that data breaches are one of the internet’s biggest issues. In fact, in 2013, around 3 million credit cards were stolen from Adobe, the post notes. On top of this, it brings up that 4.4 billion in cryptocurrency was stolen in 2019.

HASHWallet aims to solve this problem. It plans to do so via a “Premium Smart Card.”

“Many consumers today see crypto-assets as a fast-track to easy wealth,” the post notes. “But yet, many are still scared to own and store them because they are ‘virtual,’ and users can’t actually hold them. Coupled with the news on how big ‘security-focused’ crypto exchanges are getting hacked, many crypto users/investors have thought it wise to get a crypto hard wallet and get full control of their assets.”

This card allows users to sign transactions with no problems, making it easy for them to spend without worry.

It’s a hardware wallet, of course, meaning it isn’t programmable and cannot be hacked into. This also means that the private key within is safe from harm. Finally, the card supports Bluetooth and NFC support so users can connect to most things and spend.

Premium features include biometric scanning and an easy recovery process. The project can be found here.

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