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Green Crypto Start-Up C+Charge Aims to Make Electric Vehicle Charging Carbon Neutral – The Next Big Thing?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Green Crypto Start-Up C+Charge
Green Crypto Start-Up C+Charge

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Multiple environmentally conscious cryptocurrency projects emerged in 2022. Some have tried to address Bitcoin mining energy issues by making mining greener, and others have established a marketplace for ESG brands. But C+Charge has taken a different route.

It aims to fix the current issues plaguing the electric vehicle ecosystem and, in doing so, increase the EV adoption rate across the globe.

C+Charge is currently undergoing its presale and is halfway through completing it. You can participate in this project if you want by going to the official website –

Resolving Carbon Footprint Issues on Increasing EV adoption rate

Burning one gallon of fuel releases 8.8 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the ecosystem. And when you drive even a mile using vehicles powered by the combustion engine – you emit 404 grams of CO2 in the year.

These numbers are quite daunting for the environmentally conscious, which is why the push for electric vehicles  (EV) is increasing. Most countries across the globe are trying to make EVs more viable. Countries like India have gone as far as to offer subsidies for these vehicles.

But despite these efforts, the EV adoption rate is too slow. The reason is a combination of current issues prevalent in the EV systems.

C+Charge is taking these issues head on to make it more appealing for a person to by electric vehicles. This approach will likely increase EV adoption rate, and hopefully save the environment.

Uniformity, Transparency, and Rewards – Three Traits Adopted by C+Charge To Put more EVs on the Road

Three of the biggest issues that plague the current EV systems are lack of uniformity, lack of transparency, and lack of rewards.

The lack of uniformity comes from the fact that there is no consistent way to pay for charging your vehicle. EVs have just now entered the scene, which makes it a space where “anything goes” as far as payment modes are concerned. While the freedom that delivers is nice, the loads of issues it creates for EV owners, isn’t.

The lack of transparency when it comes to knowing the charging cost is a big issue. There is no newspaper telling people the current EV charging rate. EV owners only find out about it when they land at a charging station.

The lack of reward means the lack of incentive. Lovers of combustion engine need more reasons to invest in eco-friendly vehicles rather being bombarded with the quotes about “environmental threats”. They need incentives – and carbon credit is the most natural reward they can get. Unfortunately, there is no way for a common person to get into the Carbon credit economy yet.

C+Charge has created a P2P Payment system that tackles of all of these issues separately.

It Adds Uniformity to the Payment Mechanics

C+Charge is partnering with EV organizations to add uniformity to the payment systems. The P2P payment mobile app will allow EV owners to pay for their vehicles using CCHG – the native token of the ecosystem.

As the partnership expands, CCHG will be admissible across any charge station. It is already set to be available in 20% of charging stations in Turkey thanks to its partnership with Perfect Solutions Turkey.

C+Charge Adds Transparency to the EV Space

C+Charge’s P2P payment system will be integrated as a mobile app that will keep you informed about the charging costs. Not only that, you will also know which charging stations in the area are working so you don’t end up in a non-operational charging spot.

But EV owners won’t only benefit from it. EV charging stations will also get to reap the app’s benefits with its ability to diagnose issues of non-operational charging stations.

It Rewards EV Owners with Carbon Credits

Everytime you charge your vehicle at a C+Charge partner charging station, you will earn a portion of GNT tokens. GNT or Goodness Nature Tokens are tokenized carbon credits that C+Charge has introduced through its partnership with FlowCarbon.

You can sell these tokens to brands – once you have enough to make up for one tonne of carbon. Or, you can accumulate the tokens and transform into a C+Charge NFTs. C+Charge NFTs are envisioned as NFT’s with utilities that will provide branding 0pportunities for multiple EV companies.

Imagine a Tesla NFT that shows an image of the latest Tesla model. Such an NFT will be very valuable inside and outside the NFT space.

Blockchain Powered Green Solution is Available As a Presale

C+Charge is one of the greenest cryptocurrencies to have landed on the presale charts this year. The token has eight presale stages and currently the third stage of the presale is on.

Buying this token now will allow you to grab it at a discount price of 0.0016 USDT. But time is short since the stage 3 will end in little more than a day. Furthermore, C+Charge has already set the date of its listing – 31st March. That goes to show you how confident the developers are in this project.

Check out the official whitepaper to explore more about this green initiative. And once you do, take the steps below to invest in this eco-friendly token.

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Click on Buy Now.
  3. You will receive a prompt to connect your wallet.
  4. Pick a wallet – but make sure that it already has USDT or BNB tokens.
  5. Swap your tokens for CCHG.
  6. Claim your tokens on TGE – Token Generation Event – that will happen when the presale concludes.

C+Charge – Making Charging Vehicles Carbon Neutral

Electric vehicles already have a low carbon footprint and merely owning one means you are doing more than most for the environment. But why stop there? With C+Charge, you get to take another step to make environmentally conscious decisions by leveraging blockchain power to interact with the EV ecosystem.

And the additional of uniformity, transparency and carbon credits aren’t bad either. Do not miss out on this chance to participate in a project that could be the “next big thing” in the sustainable crypto niche. Visit today and get in early.

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