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Green Crypto Ecoterra Raises $2M In 3 Weeks – Next Presale Price Stage May Be Soon, Don’t Miss Out.

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Ecoterra is an all-time new crypto project, providing an eco-friendly blockchain-based ecosystem that encourages personnel and organizations to fight against climate change. The platform integrates various applications and marketplaces, creating an interconnected and sturdy system to support stakeholders in their sustainability efforts. Ecoterra aims to promote its importance and encourage active recycling through green educational initiatives.

Ecoterra’s native token $ECOTERRA is an eco-conscious crypto asset utilizing blockchain technology and a unique recycle-to-earn (R2E) system to motivate individuals to engage in efficient waste management. The R2E rewards approach inspires individuals to become eco-friendly and minimize their carbon footprints. Ecoterra’s tokens can be staked to earn passive income. Notably, the companies that manufacture recyclable materials can also reap benefits from using Ecoterra.

What is Ecoterra?

This will enable efficient communication among recycling and product companies to promote a circular life cycle. The recycling companies can sell raw materials on the shared marketplace, as the product platforms purchase the raw materials to produce new goods. Notably, Ecoterra has a carbon offset and recycled materials marketplace. The carbon offset marketplace enables users and companies to offset carbon emissions using the Ecoterra Tokens($ECOTERRA). Through this, individuals can support high-standard verified projects worldwide. Notably, the amount of carbon offset can be converted into NFTs. On the other hand, recycled materials allow companies to find recycled materials, connect with recyclers and carry out other relevant actions.

Secure the low price of Ecoterra before it sells out

The one-of-a-kind blockchain-powered R2E app Ecoterra has raised over $2 million from enthusiastic investors in its presale. Currently trading at $0.00625 USDT per token, in stage 4 of the Ecoterra presale, the $ECOTERRA valuation is expected to increase as the presale progresses through the stages. The previous stage sold out in just three days, showing that the price may only be available in the next few days before entering its next stage, stage 5. Ecoterra has been selling at an average of $200,000 per day, and it may sell out over the weekend as there is only $408,000 to go.

This indicates a narrow window to secure the current low price. This is a time-sensitive opportunity, and interested investors should not hesitate to take advantage of it. Take advantage of the chance to invest in Ecoterra and help support its mission toward a more sustainable future. Investors interested in participating in the presale are urged to start their due diligence and other detailed research as soon as possible. They can purchase ECOTERRA tokens using ETH or the Tether stablecoin (USDT). The newcomers to the crypto project can use their bank cards to buy with ordinary fiat money. The exchange listing price for ECOTERRA is $0.01, 150% above the Stage 1 price of $0.004. This is a 60% return on the current Stage 4 price. However, when stage 5 arrives, the token price will pump from$0.00625 to $0.0070, a 12% increase.

Buyers are rushing to invest in ECOTERRA, which is undoubtedly due to its articulated advantages. With the increasing aim of recycling as a global industry, the need for solutions to environmental degradation and climate change is indisputable. As much innovation is rapidly occurring in the search for these solutions, ‌Ecoterra’s decentralized system offers an unmatched combination of simplicity and functionality.

Ecoterra’s CEO on recyclable materials marketplace

The platform CEO Mihai Ciutureanu has given his remarks to his audience in a recent AMA on Coinsniper. He noted what the investor’s fund would be used for, how it would work, and the design decisions behind Ecoterra. Notably, he gave some remarks on the recycled materials marketplace. He said that it serves as a platform that connects companies needing recycled materials with recycling businesses offering those resources.

Ciutureanu further explained:

Utilizing an advanced filtering system, the marketplace ensures that the materials listed align with the specific demands of purchasers. The payments can be made with $ECOTERRA tokens or other cryptocurrencies. The purchase history can be integrated into the platform’s trackable profile for greater transparency.

The CEO notably explained why the Ecoterra team is using the Ethereum blockchain. He asserted that Ethereum is the most suitable blockchain for Ecoterra’s requirements. “It is reliable, secure, and supports developments of smart contracts tailored to some specific needs,” he added.

Companies are encouraged to get on board as the CEO explains how the liquidity pools work. The CEO has further explained the mechanics of Ecoterra’s tokenomics. Ciutureanu asserted:

the ecosystem liquidity pool (LP) balances the incoming $ECOTERRA from fees and packages purchased by companies with the outgoing $ECOTERRA used to reward users within the Recycle2Earn app.

He further noted that corporate adoption would target the initial group of companies by offering free trial packages to persuade them to join the ecosystem. This will allow the companies to comprehend better how the ecoterra’s ecosystem operates. Additionally, the platform plans to launch the beta version of the R2E app by the end of the year while continuing to develop other pillars of Ecoterra. Meanwhile, the platform is working on integrating various brands into the ecosystem. Some of the companies which have been incorporated include Vittel, San Pellegrino, and Heineken. Ecoterra is focusing on forming partnerships in the coming months, as the ongoing discussions have already yielded positive results. Moreover, it has partnered with the supermarket chain Delhaize. Ecoterra motivates companies and consumers to make a positive impact on the environment.

Ecoterra’s R2E app aims to take advantage of the industry with NFT incentives

Ecoterra aims to take advantage of the $63 billion recycling industry by offering a recycling app that allows users to earn tokens for each item recycled through reverse vending machines (RVMs). Experts predict increased interest in environmentally conscious crypto projects like Ecoterra. These projects could generate significant returns on investment for early buyers, potentially a tenfold (10x) valuation.

Ecoterra launched a 5% bonus referral program as part of its presale marketing campaign. Additionally, the project has invented a non-frivolous use case for NFTs. Ecological actions are represented as NFTs and can be traded, providing further incentives for individuals and companies to make environmentally conscious decisions.

Join the movement – Invest in Ecoterra, the fastest-growing presale of 2023

The fastest-growing presale of 2023 is open for investment – Ecoterra. One of the project’s standout features is the ability of households and companies to generate renewable electricity to create an income stream in ECOTERRA tokens.

Become part of the solution to climate change by joining the Ecoterra presale today! The project’s business model and vision have received validation from a growing community. This shows a high potential for mass adoption as the platform implements its product roadmap to create a circular economy where waste is transformed into reusable production inputs.

Don’t be left out. More exciting product developments are on board, so don’t miss out! Visit the Ecoterra website and click “Connect Wallet” to swap ETH or USDT for Ecoterra tokens. Follow the instructions on the screen to connect your wallet to the presale dashboard.

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