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Gaming Crypto Coins Led The Pack In Last Bear Market – PlayDoge ICO Hits $4.3m

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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PlayDoge ($PLAY) has shaken up the crypto sphere, drawing in over $4.3 million during its ongoing ICO. 

The soon-to-launch mobile game merges the surging popularity of meme coins with a nostalgic 90s gaming experience, uniting them with a native token, $PLAY, that is packed with both in-game and broader crypto market utility.

Currently, $PLAY is available for $0.00508, but this bargain won’t last long as the presale moves up to its next stage, where the price will climb to $0.00509.

Potential investors can get in now before PlayDoge rises to the ranks of Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Shiba Inu ($SHIB).

This isn’t far-fetched considering that BNB Chain is home to $PLAY, which has the potential to skyrocket should a Binance listing be on the horizon thanks to the exchange giant’s close proximity to the project’s native chain.

With all these factors in play, the signs indicate that PlayDoge is a near-cert meme coin home run.

Gaming Coins Like $PLAY Are The Industry’s Rock, Bolster Its Stability

Amid crypto winter in 2022, GameFi stood out as the industry’s rock, pulling it up from experiencing a further downward spiral, as a DappRadar report shows.

User numbers surged, and investments flooded in. Fast-forward to 2024, and it’s still one of the sectors that give life to the broader market.

In May, the total number of daily active users reached 3.7 million, signaling the industry’s ability to attract and grow its user base across diverse crypto-gaming projects every day, as detailed in the Footprint Analytics chart below.

Tokens like BORA ($BORA) surged by 5.48% in the last 24 hours, with Kadena ($KDA) and Notcoin ($NOT) also seeing gains of 4.95% and 2.87%, respectively, during the same period.

However, the majority of game tokens have experienced a slight dip over the last seven days. 

Could this indicate investors are pausing for breath, scouting for the next breakthrough in the GameFi category?

Market signals suggest the answer is yes. 

Tonchain-based games like Hamster Kombat, which is seeking to emulate the success of Notcoin, have surged in popularity – with social media metrics soaring to 7.5 million on X, 36 million on Telegram, and 22.6 million on YouTube. 

Similarly, PlayDoge is riding the wave, having amassed millions of dollars in presale funds just two weeks after its announcement.

PlayDoge Poised To Be A Future Leader In Play-To-Earn (P2E) Gaming 

Meme coins are flourishing in 2024, with their market capitalization ballooning to $54 billion and projected to hit $100 billion, driven by an anticipated bullish surge leading into summer.

Leading the pack is $DOGE, boasting a valuation exceeding $20 billion. Alongside it, other top meme coins such as $SHIB command a market capitalization of $12.8 billion, while Pepe ($PEPE) follows closely behind at $5.1 billion.

The growth of meme coins extends beyond the mainstream ones. In fact, the current frenzy for meme coins is driven by the integration of new utilities that make them valuable over the long run.

Meme coins have evolved to incorporate NFTs, DeFi, and even artificial intelligence functionalities, opening up new horizons for coins initially conceived as jokes. 

For instance, CorgiAI ($CORGIAI) integrates AI into everyday applications and entertainment on a social platform, while Floki ($FLOKI) offers its own metaverse game and DeFi platform.

PlayDoge is poised to challenge the top meme coins by introducing a fresh gaming experience, unlike anything the crypto industry has seen before. It is remaking a 90s favorite handheld classic, Tamagotchi.

Those who remember Tamagotchi can attest to its addictive nature – it was a mobile gaming addiction decades before the era of mobile games.

Now with PlayDoge, players can enjoy their own iconic virtual Shiba Inu dogs, while earning $PLAY tokens as rewards for being attentive pet owners and for playing mini-games within the app. 

Additionally, players earn XP, which places them on the game’s leaderboard and enables them to receive bonus $PLAY tokens and exclusive rewards.

The $PLAY tokens, as mentioned earlier, pack a ton of utilities. They serve as the primary currency within the game and hold utility and tradability beyond it.

Moreover, Playdoge incorporates DeFi functionalities as well, allowing even presale participants to earn a boatload of the game’s tokens through staking, with current returns offering 197% APY.

Seize The Opportunity To Buy $PLAY In Presale – The Next 100x Meme Coin

PlayDoge is garnering significant media attention, with many predicting a 100x appreciation in its value. 

For instance, The Citizen states that $PLAY will pose significant growth potential in June 2024. 

Furthermore, YouTuber Jon Trading asserts that PlayDoge is the next 100x meme coin in his video below:

The PlayDoge app is still under development, but the presale is already proving to be a massive hit – presumably because of the probability of it launching fully during the greenest seasons of the bull market.

The project allocates roughly 4.7 billion tokens out of the total 9.4 billion for the presale, but they’re going fast! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate.

To join, simply connect your wallet and purchase $PLAY using BNB, ETH, or USDT. PlayDoge also provides the option to use a bank card.

Investors concerned about the contract’s security can rest assured knowing it has undergone a full SolidProof audit.

Keep in touch with PlayDoge’s latest news and updates via its community on X and Telegram.

Visit the PlayDoge website to buy $PLAY in presale now. 

PlayDoge (PLAY) - Newest Launch On BNB Chain


  • 2D Virtual Doge Pet
  • Play To Earn Meme Coin Fusion
  • Staking & In-Game Token Rewards
  • SolidProof Audited -

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