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From Trash to Treasure: This Innovative New Crypto Startup Rewards Users for Recycling – Next Big Thing?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Trash to Treasure
Trash to Treasure

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Ecoterra is an innovative crypto project that promises to turn your trash into treasure by rewarding you for recycling. The project is poised to become one of the most heavy-heating presale projects right now, thanks to that unique approach.

The currently live Ecoterra presale has already raised more than $100k within a week, and the token is heading toward the next stage of this presale.

Ecoterra centers around an app that offers a wide variety of green facilities that motivate and incentivize users to make green decisions part of their daily lives. And the marketplace features in the app are drawing interest from major brands as well.

Ecoterra – Turning Trash into Treasure – One Recycle at a Time

Recycle is probably the most basic thing you can do that’s good for the environment, but the current recycling systems are full of roadblocks – deterrents stopping you from taking green steps.

The rewards are low, the location is far, and there is not much incentive that makes you feel like you are making a change on a grander scale.

Ecoterra fixes this issue by fusing sustainability with blockchain technology. At the center of this ecosystem exists a decentralized application known as the Ecoterra app. This mobile-friendly app turns your trash into crypto treasure.

Every time you recycle your glass, textiles, or plastic at a reverse vending machine, you can upload the receipt you get from it on the app and get ECOTERRA tokens in return. Having a crypto reward atop the chump change that you get for recycling is also a big deal.

ECOTERRA is an ERC-20 token – allowing you to access many facilities, including staking, and an educational platform offering deeper insights into what you can do to improve your environment.

Ecoterra Educational Platform

While the blogs you see online are powerful, they don’t tell you enough about what measures you can take to make the environment better. Yes, cookie-cutter tips are provided, but without context, those are “just another guidelines”.

Ecoterra’s educational platform is different. All the articles, video tutorials, and other things you will see are based on standardized procedures and backed by research – which is one of the reasons why you can’t just get to the educational app without paying through it with Ecoterra tokens.

However, those who would benefit from this educational platform the most are another sect of the user base: ESG Companies.

Ecoterra Marketplaces and Impact Profiles – Making Businesses Take an ESG Route

Businesses are now waking up to the reality that they need sustainable practices. Resources are low adn long-term goals can only be met if enterprises are doing things right from the get-go.

To help them, the Ecoterra app also has three additions.

Impact Profile

The Impact profile will allow companies to track their environmental actions. The app will count everything here – from how much of the raw materials companies use are recycled and how much carbon those companies are emitting. By monitoring their environmental actions, businesses can develop a reputation for sustainability on a bigger scale.

Recycled Materials Marketplace

Getting companies closer to their goals of sustainability is the recycled materials marketplace. Companies can buy recycled materials using ECOTERRA tokens by reaching out o recycling companies. This promotes a circular economy while promoting alternative payment methods.

Carbon Offset Marketplace

The third element of this platform is the carbo offset marketplace, where companies can buy carbon credits in a sustainable and ethical fashion. Blockchain’s transparency ensures that there are no fraudulent acts – like double selling – to harm the carbon credits economy.

Ecoterra – Invest in a Greener Future, Today

Ecoterra is currently being offered as a presale asset that you can be a part of by going to The project is almost a week old but has already raised upwards of $100k within a short span of time.

Investing it now, at the first stage, will bring you 150% profits as the current price of $0.004, and the listing price is set at $0.01.

How to Invest in Ecoterra Presale?

Here are the steps to participate in the Ecoterra presale.

  1. Visit
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Swap USDT or ETH for ECOTERRA tokens
  4. Claim your tokens once the presale concludes

There have been many green crypto presales in the past – and all of them have proven to have long-term gains for everyone involved. Ecoterra is just the latest of those offerings, but its approach to tackling environmental issues is more head-on. To participate in this presale to invest in your and the world’s future.

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