French Soccer Team PSG Launches Digital Token For Fan Voting 

French Soccer Team PSG Launches Digital Token For Fan Voting 
French Soccer Team PSG Launches Digital Token For Fan Voting 

Paris Saint Germain (PSG), one of the most popular professional soccer clubs in Europe, has created a digital token for its fans in a bid to both boost crypto adoption and keep fans more involved in team activities. This is gradually becoming the norm for European soccer teams.

As the team announced on Tuesday, the digital token- which has been dubbed the $PSG Fan Token- provides holders with the opportunity to vote on several team developments. This includes the inspirational message that will be on the armband for the team captain- Brazilian defender Thiago Silva- whenever the team takes to the pitch. 

Partaking in Minor Team Decisions 

Team supporters can use fan tokens to vote on several binding and non-binding ream decisions (stadium music, jersey color, etc.), as well as sports awards and activities (Player of the Month, summer tour fixtures and others.)

The token is currently available on the Socios blockchain platform. Socios will also be conducting an Augmented Reality hunt game for its native Chiliz ($CHZ) tokens, which, when found, can be redeemed and used to purchase the $PSG Fan Token.

PSG fans who purchase the token and participate in the voting process will get reward points, and the more rewards a user holds, the higher their chances of getting prizes from the team- signed merchandise, VIP tickets to matches, and even the chance to meet their favorite team members.

Sports Gradually Warm Up to Digital Tokens and Cryptocurrencies 

PSG’s new token further underscores the increasing symbiosis between professional sports and the digital token space. In a bid to embrace emerging technologies and provide crypto-loving fans with a better avenue to make team decisions, several professional football teams have embraced digital tokens and encouraged their fans to hold some. 

PSG and Socios started working on the $PSG Fan Token back in 2018, and following their footsteps, Italian football club Juventus launched the Juventus Official Fan Token- also in partnership with Socios

Earlier this month, Juventus fans even voted on a new goal celebration song. The process, which saw Blur’s “Song 2” emerge as the tune to be played whenever a Juventus payer scores a goal, marked the first token-holder pol that was run on the Juventus digital token platform. 

The symbiosis goes well beyond professional soccer as well. The National Basketball Association- as well as member teams- has done its bit to boost digital asset acceptance, with the launch of a blockchain game. Two teams in the NBA- the Sacramento Kings and the Dallas Mavericks- currently accept cryptocurrency for payments as well.

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