Forcepoint receives blockchain patent for behavior-scanning security technology

Forcepoint receives blockchain patent for behavior-scanning security technology
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Forcepoint, an American cybersecurity company, has recently been given a blockchain patent, assumedly due to a new project that utilizes the digital distributed ledger.

Advanced security measures

Interestingly, a contractor with the U.S. defense, Raytheon, owns Forcepoint. He co-owns the space with Vista Equity Partners. According to CoinTelegraph, Crunchbase sets the company value at $600 million.

Some online documents shared by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), describe the project. And it’s no traditional cryptocurrency platform. Instead, the project seems to be a technology that scans user behavior, stores it, and then uses that data for better security measures.

This type of surveillance could especially benefit from blockchain as data on this technology is immutable, and anyone can go back and view information anywhere at any time. Of course, nobody could access the space without permission, meaning security is at an all-time high overall.

The entire description reads:

“A method, system and computer-usable medium are disclosed for generating a cyber behavior profile comprising monitoring user interactions between a user and an information handling system; converting the user interactions into electronic information representing the user interactions, the electronic information representing the user interactions comprising multi-layered electronic information, each layer of the multi-layered electronic information corresponding to a respective layer of user interaction; and generating a unique multi-dimensional cyber behavior profile based upon the multi-layered electronic information representing the user interactions.”

One of many groups

Of course, this is only one of many companies getting involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Facebook, Google, and Amazon have also expressed interest, as have banks and other enterprise companies.

The Block reports that other companies like IBM, Walmart, Mastercard, and nChain have filed cryptocurrency patents as well. In fact, half of all pending blockchain patents were made up by these and three other groups.

As such an emerging field, it only makes sense that these companies file patents to protect their big ideas. Of course, just because a patent is filed, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see something related to it. Sometimes a group just wants to protect their idea.

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