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Fasttoken Price Prediction: FAST Unchanged at $1.08 – Is It the New Market Favorite?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Fasttoken Price Prediction: FAST Propels 3% - Is Speed The New Game-Changer?
Fasttoken Price Prediction: FAST Propels 3% - Is Speed The New Game-Changer?

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Fasttoken price remained stagnant in August, trading within the $1 price range but with slight changes. FTN’s price at 4:22 a.m. EST on September 1 is $1.08, with a negligible price increase of 0.1% in the past 24 hours. Also, its slight gains of 1.5% in the last 30 days show traders’ hesitation. 

Given the prolonged consolidation, will the $1.08 level be a price ceiling, or will we see a rally in the coming days? 

Bahamut Lists on Bitget Boosting Ecosystem Growth Potential

Bahamut FTN, the native token of Bahamut, debuted on the Bitget exchange on August 17. 

Bitget is a leading digital assets exchange platform with a vast user base. Launching on Bitget widens Bahamut FTN’s market reach, enhancing the token’s accessibility to more users worldwide, a feat that would likely boost its usability and long-term value.

Fastex Receives Initial Approval by VARA

Fastex, the crypto exchange powering the FTN token, announced that it has received initial approval from the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority of Dubai (VARA). 

While it is not a full approval, it is the first step for Fastex to acquire a full regulatory license. This approval is a significant accomplishment for Fastex and its expansion drive in the Middle East. FTN tokens will likely get a price boost once the process is completed.

Fastex Launches Owl Contest To Give Back To Community

Fastex on September 1 announced the Owl Contest on Zealy from September 1-15. Users are invited to complete tasks to share in the 2000 FTN rewards pool that will be distributed within seven business days after the campaign’s conclusion. 

This competition will increase users’ interest in Fasttoken tokens and likely boost their value. Fasttoken will also participate in Token 2049, the most anticipated crypto event this year, between 13-14 September. This event will allow Fasttoken developers to connect with other Web3 executives. 

Fasttoken Historical Price Pattern Suggests Possible Uptrend In Coming Days

FTN is trading in a sideways trend on the daily chart. The green candle for September 1 suggests that buying pressure is rising, although the bears are still active in the market. 


FTN, after its listing, rallied between May 10 and 22 as investors moved into a massive accumulation phase. Between May 23 – July 5, the asset transitioned into a sideway trend as buyers’ interest dropped and trading activity reduced, evident from the small-sized candles formed. 

On July 6, the buyers attempted to force another rally, forming a bullish engulfing pattern on the daily chart. 

However, FTN entered another sideway trend between July 7-24, repeating its historical price pattern. But between July 25 and August 1, FTN moved into an uptrend as the buyers entered an aggressive accumulation phase. 

Although the bears forced a retreat from August 2-6, FTN rallied again on August 7 till it attained its all-time high value of $1.12 on August 29. FTN is presently in a sideways trend, suggesting another rally based on its past price pattern, which will likely exceed its all-time high value. 

FTN is in the upper region of the Donchian Channel (DC) and is rising rapidly as the buyers return to force another rally. Also, its Relative Strength Index displays a value of 55.73 but is growing to approach the overbought region of 70, which implies that the buyers are gaining control. 

Although the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence is below its signal line, the fading Histogram bars suggest that the sellers retreat as the buyers dominate. 

Fasttoken Could Surpass All-Time High Value in Next Rally


FTN has found support at $1.07 and is rising as it approaches the $1.10 resistance. A break above this level will send it back to retest its all-time high value of $1.12. 

Despite its price indifference in the past week, the buyers are likely moving into another aggressive accumulation phase to force a break above its close resistance levels. 

FTN will likely move into an uptrend in the coming days if the buying pressure is sustained. Traders can watch out for the close of today’s candle for confirmation with $1.10 the next realistic profit target. 

While leading cryptocurrencies continuously immerse in a pool of losses, meme tokens have proven a worthy alternative, occasionally bucking market trends. New projects like Sonik are no exception and present a haven for investors who diversify their portfolios. 

Missed Fasttoken FTN’s Initial Surge? Sonik Coin Offers Investors a Second Chance 

Sonik Coin is a fast-growing meme coin project determined to reward early investors with its race to achieve a $100 million market cap in record time. 

It draws inspiration from the success of popular projects like HarryPotterObamaPacMan8Inu that raced to a $200 million market cap in less than 100 days. 

It hopes to capitalize on the meme coin season to deliver a token that will reward investors quickly. Sonik Coin has a total supply of approximately 299.79 billion $SONIK tokens, equivalent to the value of the speed of light. 

50% of the total supply is dedicated to the presale, 40% to staking rewards, and 10% to liquidity. 

Sonik Staking An Alternative To FTN Trading

Sonik Coin Staking offers a more reliable solution for risk-averse investors needing help navigating crypto trading to earn rewards from FTN’s possible rally. 

Sonik Coin supports a buy and stake feature where users can instantly stake tokens they purchase to earn massive rewards. Using the speed staking dashboard, a user can stake $SONIK tokens to earn a share in the 40% of the total supply distributed as token rewards over four years. 

The reward distribution is spaced over the four-year window to prevent inflation from excess token circulation. 

On September 1, at 6:41 am EST, approximately 32.71 billion $SONIK tokens were staked at an APY of 73%, higher than the industry average of 5-10%. 

$SONIK Presale Close To Conclusion

SONIK is on presale with three days left to its conclusion. Over $900,000 has been raised from the presale target of $2.09 million, showing massive interest from investors as they scramble to accumulate SONIK tokens ahead of their eventual listing. 

1 SONIK token is worth $0.000014, which is quite affordable now. Users can purchase the tokens with ETH or USDT when they connect a secure crypto wallet to the presale page.

Sonik Coin’s Engaging Roadmap

Sonik Coin has a detailed roadmap to achieve its goals, with the first stage covering token and staking development, meme creation, and presale. 

The second stage features the staking launch, marketing campaign, deployment, and the Sonik boom sellout. 

The third and final stage focuses on community building and distribution of staking rewards. Also, the $100 million market cap goal is part of the target for this stage, which will translate to massive rewards for investors. 

Michael Wrubel, a YouTube vlogger with over 300,000 subscribers, described Sonik Coin as the next $1 million meme cryptocurrency in a video. This video further highlights the growing relevance of Sonik Coin in the crypto community as more investors move to accumulate the tokens.

Sonik Coin relies on the strength of its community to achieve its goals and will likely be the next meme coin revolution of 2023. However, investors are advised to conduct proper research. 

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