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EV Drivers Can Now Use Crypto to Charge Their Cars and Earn Carbon Credits – Here’s How to Get Involved (CCHG)

EV crypto
EV crypto

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Blockchain Utility has evolved from just buying, holding, and selling crypto. Nowadays, everyone shares concerns over the carbon footprint of crypto mining operations, including the adverse effects of fossil fuels on the environment.

Therefore, the world is fast moving towards Electric vehicles (EVs). However, the inadequate EV charging infrastructure constitutes a bottleneck for mainstream EV adoption. But this new crypto, C+Charge, is here with a solution. 

C+Charge is a new crypto project building a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment system for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations on blockchain technology. It will allocate electronic wallets to its users, which they can use to pay for EV charging using the C+Charge utility token. 

Its incentivized charging infrastructure will encourage more people to move from combustion engine-powered vehicles to electric ones.

What Makes CCHG Unique?

CCHG is the first on-chain or off-chain platform to incentivize EV charging. Its mission is to change the world with blockchain technology by democratizing the carbon credit industry through the rewards given to EV drivers. EV rewards currently go to large corporations and entities like charging station owners and EV Car manufacturers, but C+Charge plans to change that. 

By offering carbon credits as rewards to individual EV drivers instead of large corporations, C+Charge would promote mass adoption of Electric vehicles while ensuring an eco-friendly crypto space. 

GitHub handles C+Charge’s audit, while handles its KYC verification. The essence of an audit and KYC verification is to ensure the project’s security and serve as a rug control measure. CCHG token transactions are hash-encrypted using SHA-256.

C+Charge has the support of many industry giants such as Flowcarbon, Chain Labs, Phihong, DTC Group, Crypto Kid Finance, Crypto Economy 360, Viva Capital Management, Brave Mobility, Invesco, and Samsung Next. Its partnership with Flowcarbon allows users to earn GNT token-verified, voluntary carbon credits.

C+Charge Tokenomics

According to the CCHG project team, the C+Charge token ecosystem will have a distinct feature. The feature is that every time C+Charge users power a charge with a CCHG Token, it will automatically go out of circulation (token burning). That will maintain a constant token demand in the network, and as charging stations multiply, the burned token will increase, providing organic price support.

15% of the total C+Charge supply will go to ecosystem funding, 10% to the community (staking, airdrop, and giveaways), 8% to Exchange listings fee, and 7.5% to partners. The remaining 60.5% will go to Founders and teams (5%), private sales (5%), environment and charity (5%), advisors (2.5%), Angel sales (2%), and Public sales (40%).

Advantages Of Using C+Charge

C+Charge will tackle the issue of non-function charging stations. C+Charge will drive sustainable growth in the EV ecosystem through its partnership with major EV manufacturers and operators and its blockchain-based system. C+Charge will drive sustainable growth in the EV ecosystem. 

C+Charge’s EV charging system will enable real-time transmission of diagnostic data at the charging stations to ensure timely damage repairs.

Pricing will be transparent since C+Charge will enable token-gated access to EV charging infrastructure. The C+Charge (CCHG) token will introduce a pricing standard, allowing users to get the equivalent amount of power they bought.

To crown it all, C+Charge would offer incentives for drivers who adopt electric vehicles, which will gain more traction than EVs. The carbon credit system would ensure a greener ecosystem.

What is CCHG Networks Developmental Plan?

C+Charge aims to become the most energy-efficient crypto in 2023 and beyond. It plans to achieve this by deploying solar-powered charging stations. However, the network is not blind to the current viability of solar power grids in many cities. Therefore, it plans to first introduce solar-charging stations in areas where the existing power grid is sub-optional.

C+Charge will act as a bridge for global charging station companies with its OCPP compatibility, allowing interoperability on any charging facility across the globe. It would allow collaboration with charging station owners to generate a win-win situation.

It will design an incentive plan to allow commercial garages to install charging stations, encouraging CCHG mass adoption. 

There would also be real-life utilities with Web3 technology through decentralized wallets, a Gate Visa crypto debit card, NFT projects, and mobile applications.

That would promote fast and seamless payments, multiple integrations, and transparency in tracking user carbon credit with tamper-free security features.

See C+Charge Roadmap on the official website.

How To Buy CCHG And Be Among The Early Investors

C+Charge is currently in the presale stage 6. According to the countdown timer on the official website, the presale would end in the next 23 days. The first centralized exchange launch (CEX) will go live on Friday, March 31, 2023.

The CCHG token price was initially at $0.018 or 0.018 USDT in presale Stage 5, but it has increased to $0.019. The project has already raised $2.5 Million in its presale stage 5 and has officially entered stage 6. The token price will likely appreciate as the stages progress, and early investors might generate up to 80% profit before the exchange listing.

C+Charge has announced its first listing on Bitmart Exchange is coming soon. Investors should take advantage of the presale pricing to join the early investors, who will eventually gain more once its price increases. 

How To Buy

  • Open the C+Charge official website and click on Connect Wallet.
  • Connect your Metamask or any Wallet Connet-supported wallet like Trust Wallet. 
  • Ensure you have USDT or BNB in your wallet balance.
  • Enter the amount of BNB or USDT you want to exchange for CCHG tokens.
  • Confirm purchase and claim your token at the end of the presale.
  • Note: You can use the Top BNB with card option if you do not have enough BNB balance.

Bottom Line

C-Charge promises to be one of the best and most profitable crypto projects. Its tokenomics, roadmap, and incentive plans suggest much potential in the project. C+Charge also plans to launch a unique NFT to transfer carbon credits into tradable non-fungible tokens for deserving users. 

Join C+Charge as an early investor as it works out its future as the best green crypto project. Join its token presale and other ongoing presales to enjoy bountiful bonuses. Visit the C+Charge official website for more information about the project.

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