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DOKKZ Launches Document Validation Platform on BSV Blockchain

Bitcoin SV Drops after Craig Wright Failure to Prove His Ownership of Private Keys
Bitcoin SV Drops after Craig Wright Failure to Prove His Ownership of Private Keys

DOKKZ B.V. a software startup based in Switzerland, has just revealed the beta for its first big product, DOKKZ, a “subscription-based SaaS application that enables users to easily create trusted digital documents that can be easily validated by anyone, anytime and anywhere.”

Essentially, real-time documents can be forged and messed with, as can digital ones that are otherwise manipulated. DOKKZ prevents this by creating a personal platform for registered documents, check their validity, and ensure their privacy all at the same time.

From here, these documents are stored and validated on the Bitcoin SV blockchain network, ensuring immutability and trust between all related parties. Then, sensitive information is stored off-chain, the document notes.

All documents can be validated by third-parties on the platform via a simple check system.

Speaking on the matter is the CEO of DOKKZ B.V., Donald Mulders, who said:

“What Dokkz does is allow people to easily create trusted digital documents. It offers a way where you can have an attestation of when and by whom a document was made, as well as a way to check whether it has been modified or tampered with by using the Bitcoin SV blockchain.”

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