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Dogecoin On-Chain Activity Surges But SCORP Offers More Upside for Investors

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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A recent surge in Dogecoin on-chain activity has DOGE holders feeling optimistic, but Scorpion Casino’s SCORP token presents an intriguing alternative for investors seeking upside exposure.

Popular crypto analyst Ali reported a spike of over 1000% in new Dogecoin addresses created over the past week.

As Ali stated on X (Twitter):

“The Dogecoin network is witnessing remarkable growth, with new addresses increasing by a staggering 1,100% over the past week! On January 29 alone, a record 247,240 new DOGE addresses were created, marking an all-time high.”

This influx of new users reflects strengthening momentum for the memecoin.

Adding credence to this positive on-chain data, Dogecoin’s technical setup also implies gathering bullish momentum. As altFINS posted in their DOGE analysis:

“Bullish breakout from Channel Down pattern could signal resumption of Uptrend, with upside to $0.10 near-term and $0.11 medium-term. Price successfully retested breakout level. Stop Loss $0.067 (just below support).”

The analysis points to key zones of support at $0.08 and $0.07 if prices retreat. Meanwhile, DOGE faces resistance around $0.10 initially, with scope to push toward the $0.11 level in the medium-term if bullish momentum persists.

Scorpion Casino ($SCORP) Offers Better Returns

With Dogecoin appearing well-positioned for additional upside, it’s Scorpion Casino’s SCORP token that’s truly capturing investor imaginations. SCORP recently raised an impressive $3.5 million throughout its presale and now prepares for an imminent listing on leading exchange BitMart.

Scorpion Casino isn’t merely spouting hollow promises either – some presale participants have already received over $5,000 USDT in under a month thanks to the platform’s daily withdrawal rewards program. This ability for investors to access returns from the get-go is driving significant FOMO leading up to SCORP’s listing.

Adding mainstream appeal, Scorpion Casino also boasts ambassador partnerships with celebrities from music and television. This unique approach expands SCORP’s potential audience beyond typical crypto investors.

So, what makes SCORP stand out from other gambling-focused tokens? As a licensed and transparent operator, Scorpion Casino wants to become a top destination for crypto gambling worldwide. The platform already provides access to 30,000+ sports betting markets per month alongside hundreds of casino games and live betting options.

SCORP enables a variety of utilities across the Scorpion Casino ecosystem, including access to exclusive games, participation in affiliate programs to earn referral income, and enticing staking rewards.

Indeed, Scorpion Casino’s tokenomics promotes consistent buy pressure while rewarding long-term SCORP holders. Each day, the platform uses profits to buy back SCORP tokens from exchanges at market value. These tokens are then divided into two streams:

  • 50% are permanently destroyed/burned, reducing circulating supply and placing upward pressure on SCORP price
  • The remaining 50% goes toward staking rewards for SCORP holders, with greater adoption and profit-driving larger rewards

This innovative tokenomics approach lets SCORP holders benefit from the success of Scorpion Casino in the form of supply reductions and staking rewards. As the platform grows, so too does the upside potential for investors.

Seizing Opportunity in SCORP’s Final Presale Stages

Right now, SCORP tokens can still be purchased for the bargain price of $0.029 each. However, the token price will be fixed at $0.05 when official exchange trading begins – meaning buyers in the presale stand to gain an instant 80% ROI after listing.

Thus far, contributions to the SCORP presale have exceeded $4 million. Investors can buy using ETH, USDT or BNB while the presale window remains open. The forthcoming Bitmart listing promises to introduce SCORP to a major new exchange marketplace soon.

On top of that, Scorpion Casino’s team is constantly adding new features and improving the user experience on their dashboard, as shown in one of their latest tweets:

Notably, once this presale concludes no additional SCORP tokens will ever enter circulation again. Combined with the platform’s perpetual burn mechanism which constantly decreases supply, obtaining SCORP tokens during the presale likely presents the most favorable pricing available going forward.

As the presale enters its final days, investors are quickly jumping at the opportunity to get SCORP tokens before the fixed listing price takes effect. With demand rising rapidly within the home stretch, the remaining token allocation has potential to sell out swiftly.

Between perpetual token burns, staking rewards and presale discounts, Scorpion Casino’s SCORP presents a more compelling opportunity than Dogecoin for investors seeking robust upside exposure. The presale countdown induces further hype leading into the home stretch, as FOMO intensifies around the final allocation sell-out.

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