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DLive Starts Migration to TRON as it Joins BitTorrent

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DLive Starts Migration to TRON as it Joins BitTorrent 1
DLive Starts Migration to TRON as it Joins BitTorrent 1

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D-Live, a blockchain-based streaming platform announced that it had joined the BitTorrent platform. As a result, the company said it would migrate to the TRON blockchain.

The streaming platform said its working with BitTorrent to develop blockchain-based live streaming and reposition it for better impact. DLive intends to use the BitTorrent file-sharing system and advertise its products and services. These, according to the company, would help the firm further achieve a decentralised streaming platform.

Also, BTT will replace LINO as DLive’s main payment token. It also means that DLive would no longer use the Lino blockchain after the migration.

Justin Sun, BitTorrent’s CEO, said that DLive is one of the major success stories of combining digital media with blockchain. He said it’s a real-world example to note that the media can work effectively with blockchain technology. DLive will offer an excellent solution to producers of live media.

He pointed out that live streaming is already very important and valuable in a centralized environment, especially in social media platforms. These platforms take advantage of the hard work their users have put into contents.

But with a decentralised system, the users would be able to take charge of whatever type of media they own. He said that the partnership is a great one because DLive would add more value to the world of media live streaming. With the support of BitTorrent and TRON global community, the goals of the partnership would be achieved.

DLive is also planning to incorporate its account systems with BitTorrent for further integration of the two communities.

Charles Wayn, DLive CEO, also stated that his company is happy to be part of this relationship with TRON. According to Charles, the BitTorrent ecosystem has been dominating the digital peer-to-peer space for a long time. The goal of DLive to reward communities and engineer creators would be fully achieved with the partnership with the BitTorrent ecosystem.

DLive Starts Migration to TRON as it Joins BitTorrent

TRON on an ascending scale of achievements

TRON network has over-achieved this year. It has remained in the top ten for top-performing cryptocurrencies for the most part of the year, only slipping towards the end. Even when the market is not favourable, TRON has kept surprising investors and other stakeholders with its popularity.

The DApps of the cryptocurrency and the newly acquired company, BitTorrent, have been doing great. Before the news broke about the partnership with DLive, Justin Sun had already informed the community about the partnership. According to him, the new project will be of immense benefits for both the BTT ecosystem and the TRON network.

DLive has also had an impressive track record

Over the past 15 months, DLive has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity. The blockchain-based streaming platform has a strong technological adoption, with a fitting niche product-market, as well as a passionate community. Currently, the platform has reached 5 million monthly active users. But it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The partnership with BitTorrent and TRON will improve its popularity within the blockchain community and the media mainstream.

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