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Distributed Dialogues EP #8 – The Great Firewall

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“We have to learn from history and we want people to understand to not forget about history, what lessons we have to learn, and to make a new impact on society.”

‘”Fang Zheng

“If the hope for Google in 2010 was, if we pull out of this market, maybe it’ll encourage them [China] to reform. If that was the hope, that has definitely not come to pass and if anything the opposite has happened.”

‘”Megha Rajagopalan

“If the Chinese government comes to me and says ‘hand me over a user’s data and everything you have on them’, I have nothing on them because Graphite doesn’t have any servers, doesn’t have a database and the user stores all of the data himself and is encrypted. So even if I could point a government to where the data is located, it would be encrypted and the user is literally the only person that can decrypt it.”

‘”Justin Hunter

Welcome to Season Two of Distributed Dialogues. This season was inspired by the Human Rights Foundation’s Oslo Freedom Forum, focusing on the intersection between human rights and decentralized technology. In each episode we’ll tell stories where basic human rights have been jeopardized, then present ways in which decentralized technology might serve as a tool for overcoming these challenges.

This episode is called ‘œThe Great Firewall’; in it, we bring you the story of how, for better or worse, technological innovations and the rule of law have influenced China’s cultural present and past.

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This episode is sponsored by: Distributed Health 2018

Music by David Berges via Pond5.

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