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DatChat Launches World’s First “Totally Private Social Network”

DatChat, the world’s first “totally private social network” has finally launched for iOS and Android, according to a press release from the group.

Being blockchain-based, DatChat fully encrypts a user’s social media and messaging posts, the release states. That, and these users can even choose how long such posts are available after posting.

Essentially, users can text with complete control.

The privacy of its social network is fantastic as well, allowing users to control who sees and comments on their posts. Even if they don’t set a time for destruction, users can still delete their posts at a later date.

Speaking on the matter is Darin Myman, the CEO of DatChat, who said:

“DatChat strongly believes that we all are entitled to the same privacy and freedom of speech  online that we have talking to our friends in our own living rooms.  DatChat will never censor what you are sharing and commenting. Our technology insures that we do not have access to your messages, so we have no idea what you are talking about.”

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