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Dash2Trade Presale Ends Tomorrow – It’s Now Or Never!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Dash2Trade Presale Ends Tomorrow
Dash2Trade Presale Ends Tomorrow

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Popular crypto Dash 2 Trade has crossed its $15 million mark in its overfunding round. With only a few hours remaining and the listing data coming tomorrow, it is now or never for those who are still interested. Visit to participate in the 11th hour.

Dash 2 Trade Raises More than $15 Million as the Overfunding Round Continues

The unveiling of the presale dashboard drew multiple eyes to this cryptocurrency, and more cryptocurrency exchanges also started to take notice.

That created the need for more liquidity – to which the Dash 3 Trade team responded by creating an additional 4-day overfunding round to raise two million dollars.

And as it stands right now, Dash 2 Trade has raised upwards of $15 million, and only $400k remains to meet the final target. And since the listing is happening tomorrow, people are rushing to buy this crypto to get on that early mover advantage.

Dash 2 Trade is Coming on Multiple Cryptocurrency Exchanged at the same time

Dash 2 Trade’s listing has been confirmed at, BitMark, and LBank, and it will happen at 10.00 am UST on these exchanges. The project has also signed an agreement to get listed on Changelly Pro at a later date.

With these listings, it is likely that Dash 2 Trade will witness a massive income, making multifold gains from those who had the chance to move in early.

Dash 2 Trade – A Crypto Intel Platform Making Analytical Tools Accessible

Dash 2 Trade stepped into the crypto presale seen in Q4 2022 and hit the ground running with its unique and essential crypto intel offerings. These include

Social Indicators

Since cryptocurrencies tend to closely follow the sentiments of the crypto crowd, the social indicator is a good way to track what people think about a project and assess the direction of an asset in the price chart. However, since social indicators can sometimes be too difficult to understand, Dash 2 Trade makes it easy by providing all the social details in one place.

Strategy Building and Backtesting

One needs the right strategy to reach to the rapidly changing crypto markets – which prompted Dash 2 Trade to provide robust strategy-building tools. But since strategies must be tested before they are implemented in the real market, Dash 2 Trade provides backtesting tools to assess the strategies in mirrored market conditions.

Technical Indicators

Traditional technical indicators like moving averages, Bollinger bands, relative strength index, and other signals are also available.

Curated Signals

Premium members will also get access to created signals backed by veteran crypto trades. Curated signals will enable traders to make the most out of the bearish market.

Assistance from Other Traders

Dash 2 Trade also aims to form a thriving community for traders where profitable ideas, tricks, and signals are shared among all.

Presale Assessment Tool

The biggest draw of Dash 2 Trade is the presale assessment tool. Since 2022 was one of the biggest years for presale that saw the emergence of multiple utility-based cryptocurrencies on the scene, Dash 2 Trade has created an assessment tool that manually assesses each presale offering on 12 metrics.

After assessing these metrics, Dash 2 Trade gives them a dash score. Presales with higher dash scores are worth the investor’s time.

Dash 2 Trade dropped the beta version of its presale dashboard, which became why more people started to grow interested in this offering, eventually leading to Dash 2 Trade adding another phase to the presale.

Buy this Presale Crypto in the 11th hour

If you missed the chance to buy this crypto in the early days of the presale – you still have one day to invest in it. Go to and swap your USDT or ETH for Dash 2 Trade today.

Experts say that this crypto has a chance to go 20x in 2023 – so rush over to the official website and buy it before this last chance slips away.

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