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CyberConnect Price Prediction: CYBER Drops 2% – Is a Bull Run in Sight?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

CyberConnect Price Prediction: CYBER Climbs 5% - New Heights on the Horizon?
CyberConnect Price Prediction: CYBER Climbs 5% - New Heights on the Horizon?

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The recent price fluctuations in CyberConnect (CYBER) have garnered notable attention within the crypto space. At 6:53 a.m. EST, September 1, the asset is trading at $9.7, marking an impressive surge of more than 12.71% over the past 24 hours.

This substantial price hike underscores the asset’s considerable growth potential, hinting at the possibility of additional price increases in the days ahead. 

Although there was a slight drop of 2% in the early hours of today, CYBER immediately recovered its price momentum and even established new all-time highs.  

CYBER’s Price Outlook Suggests More Bullish Rally Ahead, How Far Can It Go?

Since its inception on August 15, the coin has been experiencing remarkable price surges, increasing from its initial launch price. 

In the past 14 days, data from Coingecko has confirmed over 103% gains for CYBER, showcasing the bullish trajectory despite being a newbie in the market. 

With an impressive 172% surge within the last seven days, there is a strong possibility that the coin could continue its upward momentum into the early days of September.

However, CYBER’s trading volume is down by over 56%, suggesting the presence of profit-taking investors in the market, raising concerns for potential investors. 

Nonetheless, there is growing speculation that accomplishments within the CyberConnect ecosystem could catalyze CYBER’s growth. If the growth continues, CyberConnect will potentially attract a more significant number of traders and investors soon. 

Technical Indicators Show More Upside For CYBER


As shown on the chart, CYBER is trading above the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), indicating a bullish price momentum for the asset. Also, the exponential moving average (EMA) is acting as a support level for the price of CYBER.

Additionally, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence MACD is above the signal line with green histogram bars, suggesting a bullish price movement for the asset.

Furthermore, the Relative strength index of 73.45 indicates that the market has reached the oversold zone, and a possible pullback could follow soon.

Combining the following technical indicators indicates a bullish price trajectory for CYBER. However, one shouldn’t rely only on indicators before making investment decisions, as the crypto market is always prone to volatility, which can cause frequent price fluctuations.

Also, they should consider the RSI already in the overbought region. A trend reversal to the downside will likely occur in the coming days if the bears enter the market. 

CYBER Shows Strong Bullish Dominance – Will it Hold?


As the chart illustrates, CYBER has been on an explosive bullish price move with over 200% price gain in the last three days. CYBER is consolidating around the $10 resistance level, with buyers showing strength and dominance to push the price much higher.

If the Bulls fail to push CYBER beyond the $10 resistance level, a possible retest into the $8 support zone could follow.

However, with the prevailing bullish momentum in the market, investors and traders are optimistic about a positive price outlook for CYBER in the coming weeks.

CYBER’s Multiple Integrations Are Possible Significant Boosts on Investor’s Interest

Going through CyberConnect’s X profile, investors looking for currencies with higher growth potential may be hyped by the team’s updates. 

Several mergers are being announced, with significant collaborations among them. Some notable mentions include the announcement of Binance’s Simple Earn $CYBER quiz promotion. 

The tweet was made two days ago, on August 29, by the official Binance handle and reposted by CyberConnect. It was a callout to Simple Earn users on Binance to participate and share $50,000 worth of $CYBER.

WOOFi also shared a partnership statement with CyberConnectHQ, with the added incentive of 10,000 giveaway whitelist spots for the CyberTrek campaign. The slots are still open with six days in, and investors are taking the opportunity to learn and earn. 

The promotional campaign detailed in this announcement has the potential to enhance the price of the CYBER token through various mechanisms, such as heightened awareness, increased demand, enhanced scarcity, and improved market sentiment. 

Other collaborations include those with zkLink, organizing a summer tour with Cyberconnect tasks, and Carbon Browser’s integration of CyberAccounts on their platform. 

Bithumb Listing CYBER Could Be Fueling Price Gains

In a recent announcement, the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb KRW Marketplace, revealed plans to integrate the CyberConnect token into its trading platform.

This move is poised to expand the token’s reach, enhance its utility, and foster increased trading activities. However, it’s important to note that, currently, the exchange only supports token deposits through the Ethereum network. 

Nevertheless, this newly established deposit channel will allow investors to securely store their CYBER tokens, awaiting their integration and traceability within the platform.

As is often the case with cryptocurrencies, CYBER’s value is likely to respond positively to such a significant development, potentially attracting more investors in a relatively short period. 

Meanwhile, for investors looking for quicker ways to profit from investments, there are other alternatives, like the Wall Street Memes coin, to pitch in. 

Wall Street Memes as CyberConnect Alternative

Arguably, the current King of meme coins, Wall Street Memes (WSM), is set for its highly anticipated debut on multiple top-tier exchanges in about 25 days. 

With this timeline, speculation about the potential for widespread increases in trading volumes and market activity exists.

However, investors are using the time to focus on the staking mechanism provided by the project. This reflects growth in WSM’s market outlook and the overall viability of Wall Street Memes.

By emphasizing a high-yield staking structure, the project has strategically positioned itself for listing on major exchanges. This strategic approach prioritizes stability and places a premium on token staking to mitigate sudden sell-offs and potential market downturns. 

In the most recent staking update, the total staked WSM has surged past 258 million, offering an anticipated annual yield (APY) of 77%.

Participants in this endeavor are rewarded with 75 incentives per block, while the total WSM token supply remains at 1.6 billion.

The rapid accumulation of these staked tokens constitutes a substantial portion of the circulating supply and shows the community’s enthusiasm for anything WSM-related. 

25 Days Left for Investors To Buy Into WSM Presales

WSM has achieved an impressive feat by raising a substantial $25 million to conclude its stages. However, considering investors who missed out on the steps, the Wall Street Memes initiative is now embarking on its 30th and final phase of presales. 

This move generated great excitement among the community members, allowing them to purchase more tokens.

Furthermore, notable figures in the cryptocurrency sphere have publicly expressed their support on prominent platforms, including popular YouTube channels. These endorsements collectively underscore the substantial potential inherent in the WSM token.

One significant area where the community is hyped is the relatively stable price of the token throughout its presale journey. Although the Wall Street Memes token has seen minor increases at different stages of presales, its price trajectory still fell within the pockets of the masses.

As of the current extended stage, the WSM token is valued at $0.0337 per token. This pricing structure presents an enticing entry point for investors seeking to accumulate tokens. Even better, the profit expected could be way bigger due to an anticipated upswing in the coming months after launch. 

Potential investors can acquire WSM tokens using Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or traditional bank card transactions by connecting their digital wallets through the WSM token website.

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