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Cryptojacking detection tool launched by Intel and BlackBerry

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Intel Chipset
Intel Chipset

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The American tech giant, Intel Corporation, has officially partnered up with BlackBerry. This was to develop a cryptojacking detection tool, dedicated to enterprise systems. With this tool, artificial intelligence, as well as machine learning, will be leveraged in order to detect digital currency block reward mining malware. It will be able to do this without severely impacting the processors of the system in question, as well.

Leveraging AI To Deliver A Low Processing Solution

The tool itself is known as the BlackBerry Optics Context Analysis Engine, or CAE, and will allow for commercial PCs based on Intel to use it. In its press release, Blackberry explained that this tool has “virtually no processor impact,” and further boasts that it’s easy to configure, as well. The tool will allow for its users to detect instances of cryptojacking with higher levels of consistency, as well as with greater precision.

This tool stands as the latest addition made to BlackBerry Optics, which is an endpoint detection and response platform. As one would imagine, it’s developed by Blackberry, the Smartphone and software developer. This tool leverages machine learning in order to enhance security levels, as well as automate the threat detection process.

Joining Forces

With this partnership, BlackBerry was capable of integrating the vPro threat detection technology from Intel, which itself is a security solution based on hardware. This, in turn, helps Intel complement the software security tools it holds.

Through this new integration, users will be capable of detecting, and subsequently responding, to cryptojacking instances, doing so without the need to access the application being affected at all.

Forgotten, But Not Gone

The vice president of research and intelligence of BlackBerry, Josh Lemos, gave a public statement about the matter, as well. He explained that these new capabilities regarding the detection and response against cryptojacking, BlackBerry is hoping to make this a thing of the past. Lemos stated that they would do this through the provision of turn-key solutions to enterprises and their employees, which will allow them to thwart attempted crytpojackings. Through doing so, Lemos stated that the tool would ensure that the hardware and software of enterprises will be used for the purposes they were intended for.

Cryptojacking had started to lose its media presence, as of late. Even so, the act itself is still very much a threat to enterprise systems across the globe. Cryptojacking incidents have even spiked in 2020, with Singapore in particular recording a surge of 300% in cryptojacking attempts for Q1 2020.

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