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Cryptocurrency Is Monetary System Freedom Tool for All

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Several countries have different laws on taxation and methods of control over fiat currency issued by such government, regardless of these laws they’re mostly similar. However with discontentment for such kind of laws, while leaving for another country, the circumstances also may not be different. Although this may offer the alternative of governance under another oppressive authority. Therefore if the other choice doesn’t bring the desired result, there must be a solution to the circumstances being avoided, and that’s by circumventing the oppressive systems most governments established to control the monetary system to make citizens service their debts.

Founded by principles against taxation, the U.S, has its biggest foundation in the separation of the Church and State. The monetary system of controlling the public’s finances has been installed by politicians to forcefully control money by ensuring people participate in the system established by the world’s elite. However, in the year 2009, the Bitcoin network was launched and the circumstances instituted changed as people realized they could utilize cryptocurrency to circumvent the monetary system using it as a tool of freedom from the control and limitations of the central authority.

In the year 2015, Erik Voorhees, the CEO of Shapeshift had made clear historical facts on how from almost 100 years ago as regards the separation of the Church and State. Voorhees stated that the people had agreed then that the process is morally wrong while accepting that the state control of the monetary system today is mired in serious corruption.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and altcoins offer to people a system of money not controlled by middlemen, state, corporate entity or an intermediary trust trying to limit your transactions on a decentralized network. Giving another choice of not utilizing fiat currency which has been existing forcefully and violently, individuals and organizations can now voluntarily decide to choose to utilize a system that gives transparency, permissionless, censorship-resistance, reliability, fast and enabling.

Bitcoin fanatics had declared that BTC is unarguably the surest method to avoid the state’s influenced monetary system as it were present, there exist several varieties of crypto assets achieving such a discrete method.

Other methods of circumventing the monetary system controlled by the state utilizing precious metals may be tough as a result of the government, involved in such markets.

Digital assets offer a high possibility of enabling the movement of assets in portions using a method of concealing funds from officials who are out to obtain people’s savings. While utilizing a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a sample in sending funds over any border without permission. An individual can’t conceal a million-dollar value of gold, however utilizing mnemonic phrase words engraved on a small piece of steel and even further learning the seed phrase from memory can conceal such. Officials can’t obtain such from your memory.

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