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Cryptocurrency adoption has increased in Slovenia

Bitcoin Europe
Bitcoin Europe

The adoption of cryptocurrency has grown rapidly in Slovenia, as over 1000 locations in the country now accept crypto payments. These locations include hotels, hair salons, dentists, restaurants, as well as cafes.

Number of crypto payment points on the increase

Last week Gocrypto announced that the number of payment points accepting cryptocurrency payments has risen rapidly, with some of the top retailers also showing interest in crypto acceptance. Big vendors such as Burger King, Atlantis Water Park, and Big Bang are some of the biggest retailers accepting cryptocurrency payments. Gocrypto has remarked how easy it is to find a retail or service shop that accepts crypto payments in the country.

“You can just use your crypto wallet when getting around your daily life,” Gocrypto noted:

As the top country with the largest number of physical areas accepting crypto payment, Slovenia is now leading the rest of the world in that regard.

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Gocrypto has branches in 15 different countries

Based on the information available on its website, Gocrypto exists in 15 different countries presently. Additionally, the number of activities within the firm’s platform has increased tremendously as about 150,000 products could be bought within the platform.

Gocrypto has an operational presence in Slovenia, Venezuela, the UK, Switzerland, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal, Japan, Hungary, Czechia, Croatia, Colombia, Bulgaria, Australia, as well as Argentina.

In some states, Gocrypto’s partner controls activities instead of Gocrypto itself. These states include Venezuela, the UK, and Switzerland.

As at press time, Gocrypto’s website shows 1,416 retailers are using the Gocrypto’s platform, with only 95 of them being online stores. The Gocrypto system comes with one or more point-of-sale (POS) terminals linked to the Gocrypto payment network. Customers can use euro token, ether, bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or the GOC (Gocrypto’s native token) to pay for goods and services. The merchants will get the payment in their local currency. Presently, Gocrypto is compatible with the Wallet and Elly wallet app.

The first version of Gocrypto was tested at Ljubljana BTC city

Ellypay was the first version of Gocrypto, which was first tested at BTC City in Ljubljana. The city gets close to 21 million visitors each year, making it one of the biggest shopping centers in Europe. Additionally, has more than 500 merchants that accept bitcoin cash in the country.

For a list of merchants that accepts cryptocurrencies, the information is available on Green Pages and websites like

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