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Crypto Stakeholders Against Craig Wright‘s Choice as Satoshi in Conference

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Crypto Leaders kick against the choice to install Craig Wright as Satoshi. The digital Innovation conference is holding today, and the stakeholders in the crypto community are not happy.

The decision is seriously causing an upheaval in the industry. When some notable movers in the industry saw that Craig would be speaking at the conference, they vehemently refused to attend.

There has been an ongoing claim by Craig, saying he invented Bitcoin. But other stakeholders are taking none of it.

The Conference on Digital Innovation, AI, and Blockchain are already holding today in London.

There is a long line of events and issues the stakeholders will discuss today. But among these events, the most debatable is the Global Centralized Financial System.

The panel wants to address any issues members will raise on the financial system.

Global Centralized Financial System – the major talking point

There will be a lot of notable speakers, each taking care of a particular event.

But several speakers will discuss the financial system, among who are Tone Vays, Bobby Lee, Brock Pierce, Craig Wright, and Dr. Doom Roubini.

But there is another paper Craig Wright, who is claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, will be presenting.

It is the crux of the matter, as there have been several reactions from several quarters in the industry.

To many of them, they are equally in their own right to claim to be Satoshi just as Craig claims. So, no one should take a single stand to bear the name.

Some top figures in the cryptomarket have already decided on their own not to give merit to anyone.

There is even a twitter page,  reminding the community of a court injunction on anyone who wants to claim merit to Natoshi as Bitcoin’s inventor.

The anger from many is the fact that Graig has been one of the biggest critics of Bitcoin. In their stance, an inventor can never be the biggest critic of what he invented.

In the twitter page, the stakeholders posted the court rulings on those accusations against Craig.

Some popular names are opting out

Many popular crypto analysts have decided to boycott the conference too.

The founder of Litecoin, Chalie Lee, said in his tweet that they have already pledged not to participate in a conference that features “Faketoshi.”

Yet, the organizers still invited him and put him on the same stage with them. He voiced his opinion and declined not to attend if those “Natoshi impostors” are attending.

Tone Vays is another louder voice in the cryptocurrency community. He did not like the fact that he will share the same stage with someone who is claiming to be what he is not.

But as one of the main speakers in the event, he was also criticized. Many did not like the fact that he even accepted to speak in the conference, knowing fully well that some of the speakers lack credibility.

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