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Crypto Sponsors Enraged After Game Developer Slams Blockchain Games

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mark Venturelli
mark Venturelli

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One of the biggest and most successful categories under which the cryptocurrency ecosystem has shown great promise is the blockchain gaming sector. With a variety of games that have created several millionaires and made headlines all across the space during the bull market, crypto games have positioned themselves as a strong part of the gaming community globally.

Projects like Gala games, Axie Infinity, Decentraland etc are metaverse games that have garnered attention from not only retail investors but also huge organizations like Adidas and others. While masses that invest or are involved with cryptocurrency would agree to all this, there are several groups that would beg to differ.

Several incidents have happened over the past couple of months where the entire industry was criticized heavily for not being competent with policies or having real-world value. The crypto gaming sector too, which had avoided such backlashes in the past, has now been exposed to fallout from various groups within the global gaming community.

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One such recent incident occurred recently at a major game event, where popular game developer Mark Venturelli talked about his disapproval of NFT-based games and the impact they have on the traditional gaming industry. The speech made by him has masses split into two sides and has sparked many conversations surrounding the topic lately.

Who is Mark Venturelli?

Mark Venturelli is a famous icon in the gaming industry, who has designed several popular games over the last decade. He is currently the CEO and creative director of a game company in Brazil called Rogue Snail. The organization was founded by Mark himself in 2013 and is famous for its two products Relic Hunters zero and Relic Hunters Legend.

He was the lead of designs for the acclaimed game Chroma Squad. It went on to win Game of the Year and the best sound at Brazil’s Independent Game Festival. These too are simply some of the many awards racked up by Mark and his organization. He is also famous for his philanthropic works. Mark is the creator of Super BR Jam, which is a charity event that has helped several people.

The Title Read “Why NFTs Are a Nightmare”

Mark was invited to speak at Brazil’s International Games festival that was held on the 8th of July this year. While several other programs were part of the festival, this speech by such a prominent figurehead was much anticipated.

However, things turned surprising when he started with a cancelled text of the topic he was originally going to speak about- “Future of Game Design”, and replaced it with “Why NFTs are a nightmare”.

As a trend that was overwhelmingly embraced these last two years globally, no one had expected the designer to talk against NFTs or the blockchain gaming industry in general. He managed to take into consideration several examples and prove his point in a steady manner.

Instead of simply stating his opinions regarding the concept, Mark made sure to talk in-depth about why exactly he was opposed to the idea and how it was ruining the entire Game industry altogether. Before people who couldn’t attend the festival could speculate or guess what he had talked about in the forum, he posted a thread of every point he touched upon in the program on the popular social media platform Twitter.

He stated that the relevance of those in the NFT gaming industry was determined and handed over by those who were a part of the traditional game business. Urging not to give the blockchain giants the power to take over their beloved game sector too, Mark asked his audience to understand the several negative aspects of blockchain gaming.

In an interview following the speech, Mark also mentioned that he had sought approval from the festival committee before giving his talk. The files on his activities were in the hands of the committee and they could’ve easily discouraged him from talking on such a controversial topic, but didn’t, according to him.

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The interesting thing was that several Web3 companies had greatly helped with setting up the festival.

Major sponsors included NFT companies like Lakea and Ripio. The personnel from the mentioned companies allegedly tried to break in and end the speech but were stopped by the festival committee. Major NFT or blockchain companies that had sponsored the event are yet to give an official reply to this incident.

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