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Crypto Predictions: Top 3 Cryptocurrencies that will take a Wild Turn in March 2023

Metropoly crypto
Metropoly crypto

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Ethereum (ETH) is headed for a spectacular month, with the potential to outstrip Bitcoin (BTC). The rapid surge of interest in Stacks (STX), and the subsequent price rise, are likely to continue for a few more days. And judging by the growing traffic to Metropoly, especially from the traditional real estate community, the ongoing Metropoly (METRO) public presale will sell out early.

1. Metropoly (METRO) presale will end ahead of schedule

Metropoly, the hottest crypto project of this year, is hosting a presale of its native token METRO. The presale has already raised half of its minimum target within days of going live. Much of the hype around the presale has to do with the Metropoly NFT marketplace in the making, the beta 2.0 of which is now live.


The world’s first NFT marketplace backed 100% by real-world assets

Real estate has long been only accessible to the rich and privileged. Not everyone can afford to break into the coveted market due to the high capital barrier. That forces them to limit their portfolio to stock, commodity, and mutual fund assets.

Metropoly aims to change the situation. It decentralizes the real estate market and makes it accessible to the masses. For this,

  • Real estate assets are added to the blockchain as NFT assets. That allows the transparent, immutable record of the ownership and transfer of the assets on a decentralized ledger.
  • They are then converted to fractional NFTs, which can be owned by hundreds of people for as small as $100 each.
  • Blockchain-powered smart contracts automate the distribution of the monthly income from rent and the funds from the resale of the property.
  • Middlemen and agencies are taken out of the equation, cutting down time and cost.

Traditional real estate is long and tiring. It involves a lot of paperwork with the bank, second-party, and third parties. Not to mention the trouble of finding a buyer or seller.

Metropoly marketplace is a decentralized, simplified real estate market. It features a wide range of real estate properties from around the world. After browsing the market, you can invest in one (or more) that you find the most lucrative in just under a few minutes. You can also list your share of the asset for sales any time you want. The marketplace is highly liquid as it is home to a global user base.

Metropoly doesn’t just lower the initial capital barrier to the real estate industry. The low price allows you to diversify your portfolio with properties from across the globe. Diversification is a good strategy to mitigate the risks.

Moreover, the Metropoly team takes care of the hassles of maintenance and finding tenants. The team based in London, Dubai, and Ontario has wide experience in the real estate market. It is important to note that the Metropoly NFT assets yield monthly rental income, similar to a traditional real estate property. They also accrue value over time, depending on the value of the underlying property.

Metropoly Beta 2.0 is live

While most crypto projects begin product development after the end of the presale and launch the product months after the token listing, Metropoly Beta is live. After almost a year in development, the first version went live in January. It was followed by the second version in February, with improved trading, auctions, and mortgage modules. The robustness of the product and the timely launch underscores the credibility of the project.

The ongoing METRO presale has been witnessing traffic from both the crypto and real estate communities. The hype around the project and the massive discounts and bonuses are likely to bring the sale to an early end. (Use the bonus code Launch20 to get an additional 20% on your purchases.) Presale investors also get the opportunity to participate in the Metropoly $1M Burj Khalifa giveaway.

Metropoly presale

Visit the Metropoly Presale

2. Ethereum (ETH) will outperform Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum is likely to do better when compared to Bitcoin in March 2023. While both Ethereum and Bitcoin have been performing well since early January, Ethereum has been creating an upward movement that can sustain undeterred for a month. Unless an external factor hinders the path, Ethereum can chart anywhere from a 20-30% price rise in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin is now selling at $23,411.30, recording a 6.26% dip in the last seven days. March is expected to be mostly bullish for the broader market, and Bitcoin will lead the rally with a 12.5-17.5% price rise. In the event a strong bullish wave hits the market, both the coins could tumble down, with Bitcoin taking the brunt. In that case, Bitcoin can shed up to $2500 whereas Ethereum will struggle to not slip below $1500.

3. Stacks (STX) will break past $1.5

Stacks has been one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies of 2023. It has taken a 50% jump over the last seven days, with no strong signs of a cool-down. But there is more steam left. Even if the token is overbought, it is not ready to reverse the gains yet. At this pace, it has the potential to hit the resistance at $1.55. The token hasn’t touched the point since last April.

That is not to say STX wouldn’t undergo minor drops in March, however. In the event it slips past $0.5, the bearish wave could start with the potential to take the token below $0.20. Stacks is a layer-1 blockchain solution built to bring smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) capabilities to Bitcoin (BTC), without compromising security and stability. As a result, the price of Stacks will largely depend on the performance of BTC and the broader market movements.

Visit the Metropoly Presale

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