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Crypto Futures and Options: Coincall Takes Off with Derivatives Trading for Everyone

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Options, futures and swap trades are popular among experienced investors when it comes to making high profits quickly. Instead of traditional crypto trading, derivatives are also becoming more common in the crypto market. Now, a brand new platform, Coincall, is taking off, offering Robinhood-style crypto options – but with a strict focus on the necessary security. Could Coincall soon become the market leader? 

Options and futures conquer the market since 2021 

In contrast to the direct trading of Bitcoin & Co., no real coins are traded when trading crypto options and futures, but rather claims. Investors bet on rising or falling prices of an underlying asset – in this case cryptocurrencies – and thus hedge their portfolio or use these financial products specifically to achieve high profits in the shortest possible time in a speculative manner. 

As early as 2021, options trading accounted for more than 40% of total trading volume on popular exchanges in the US. No wonder, because at that time the hype around meme stocks like GameStop, Robinhood and AMC was just starting. Investors were getting together in Reddit groups to trade – they wanted to make big hedge fund managers sweat by buying heavily shorted stocks. 

So, while equity options entered the mainstream as early as 2021, there were still far fewer derivatives traded on the crypto market. Crypto options currently account for only 2% of spot trading, while 35 times that amount is traded on US equity markets. However, not only memecoins like PEPE, but also leading cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum are making the crypto market more accessible – this is where Coincall comes in as a problem solver. 

Coincall: soon to be a crypto options market leader? 

Coincall provides an all-in-one solution for secure and uncomplicated crypto options trading. With this, the team behind Coincall closes a real gap in the market, because until now, trading crypto derivatives has been associated with complex processes and confusing graphics. With Coincall, both beginners and experienced traders benefit from a platform that takes the trading experience to a new level and could soon be among the market leaders. 

Coincall’s user interface is intuitively designed and allows investors to execute trades at lightning speed while keeping track of all important indicators. The team behind Coincall includes only experts who have already gained over nine years of experience in the crypto market and have even been involved in the development of top 30 projects on Coinmarketcap. In total, 50 team members take care of ensuring that users can rely on an exclusive trading experience. 

As part of an Early Bird program, traders who register with Coincall in the next few days will receive access to exclusive benefits. This way, newcomers can not only familiarize themselves directly with the functions of the trading platform for crypto options, but also secure free offers and actively shape the future of Coincall through personal feedback. 

Trading crypto options and futures made easy with Coincall

Simplified processes & intuitive user interface 

Lightning-fast execution of trades 

Includes real-time notifications, ratios and market reports 

Commission-free trading of crypto options and futures

High entertainment value through various gamification elements 

First-class security measures including external storage of capital

Trade crypto options Robinhood style 

Robinhood caused a stir in 2021 not only as a meme share, the company was also in demand as a trading platform for stock options. It has never been easier for beginners to get into derivatives trading – Coincall now want to give this feeling to all investors who are getting into crypto derivatives trading for the first time. For this purpose, the creators transform complex processes into simple operations, which are presented with the help of a clear user interface. 

Various gamification elements also invite users to engage more intensively with Coincall: Users of the trading platform can use leaderboards to compete with other traders, put their success to the test and receive exciting rewards. While this primarily increases the fun factor of trading, it is also intended to encourage traders to constantly educate themselves and improve their trading strategy. 

Security and trust are paramount at Coincall 

In addition to ease of use and untangling complex processes, Coincall’s team put user security first. Of course, the trading platform has state-of-the-art encryption technologies, the latest multi-signature wallets and internal audit and control systems – even experts from JP Morgan are on board to keep security at the highest level. 

Innovative custody solutions ensure that customer funds are optimally protected and secured against attacks. Coincall has already positioned itself with promising partnerships: Funds are stored externally at Copper Custody and Clear Loop to specifically eliminate risks on the exchange side. In addition, Coincall is fully regulated to meet growing security requirements. 

The year 2023 represents the rebuilding of trust in the crypto sector

In the past two years, the confidence of crypto investors has been severely tested and in some cases severely shaken. Not only the bankruptcy of FTX caused fears among investors, but also the persistently high inflation and other negative headlines were responsible for investors withdrawing from the crypto market.

Coincall wants to start here and win back the trust of crypto investors with a combination of security, user-friendliness and flexibility. Both novice and experienced traders can look forward to a wide range of trading options in spot, margin and options trading, while relying on straightforward processing. With its strong commitment, Coincall could soon become one of the leading trading platforms that are much needed by the younger generation. 

For the latest updates, find Coincall’s Twitter page at @Coincall_Global.

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