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Crypto Casino Hits $2.6Bn Revenue In 2022

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The power and potential of cryptocurrency transforming industries shines brightest when looking at the gambling industry. As the world’s biggest crypto casino, Stake has made a significant impact, generating an impressive $2.6 billion in revenue in 2022 and accounting for 6% of all Bitcoin transactions every month.’s success is a result of its focus on anonymity, the rising popularity of cryptocurrency in gambling, and high-profile partnerships. In this piece, we’ll delve into the story of and the key factors behind its rapid growth, highlighting the transformative effect of cryptocurrency on the gambling industry.

Background on is a crypto-based online casino founded in 2017 by Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani. The platform was launched to provide players with a worldwide transparent, secure, fair online gambling experience. However, the founders’ experience in the gambling industry goes back much further than that.

Before launching, Craven and Tehrani created Primedice, an online Bitcoin casino launched in 2013. Primedice was one of the earliest Bitcoin casinos and quickly gained popularity among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The success of Primedice laid the foundation for and helped the founders to identify the growing demand for crypto-based gambling platforms.

  • Influence of SatoshiDice

The popular crypto-gambling site SatoshiDice significantly influenced’s development. SatoshiDice, launched in 2012, allowed users to place bets using Bitcoin and quickly became one of the most successful gambling platforms in the industry. The success of SatoshiDice helped to solidify the idea that cryptocurrency and gambling could be a winning combination.

  •’s transition from small scale to a major player

The casino, which began as a small-scale operation, quickly gained a reputation for innovation and quality. The founders invested heavily in development, marketing, and partnerships as the platform grew. Thanks to that, today, online casino is a major player in the online gambling industry and continues attracting players worldwide with their cutting-edge technology and fair play policies.

The platform’s transition from a small-scale operation to a major player is a testament to the founders’ vision and commitment to delivering an exceptional gambling experience.

Factors contributing to’s success

A number of factors have been attributed to’s impressive rise to the top of the gambling industry, which has resonated with crypto enthusiasts and gamblers alike. 

  • Anonymity and use of cryptocurrency

The appeal of anonymity and the use of cryptocurrencies in gambling have been key contributors to the platform’s success, allowing players to maintain privacy and security while enjoying their favorite games. Moreover, anonymity can be especially appealing to individuals who reside in countries where online gambling is illegal or heavily regulated. Using cryptocurrencies, users can gamble on online platforms without being detected by authorities or risking penalties for breaking the law.

  •’s popularity among wealthy gamblers

Stake’s popularity has only increased due to its exclusive focus on crypto, allowing players to wager large amounts of cryptocurrency without the need for traditional banking channels. This focus has also led to high-profile partnerships and endorsements, including collaborations with rapper Drake, Premier League football team Everton FC, and Alfa Romeo F1 team.

Stake casino partners

Ideally, partnering with rapper Drake was a significant achievement for, as it helped the platform reach a wider audience and gain credibility in the entertainment industry.

Drake, one of the most influential musicians in the world, endorsed the platform on his Instagram account and has since been an active ambassador for the brand.

Drake Stake casino

  • Wide variety of games

Stake’s wide variety of games has played a crucial role in its success, with offerings that cater to the diverse interests of its user base. One particularly popular original game on the platform is Plinko, a game of chance inspired by the classic television game show “The Price Is Right” and the Japanese game Pachinko. 

Players can wager their cryptocurrency on the outcome of a ball drop, with the ball cascading through a pyramid of pegs before landing in one of several slots, each corresponding to a different payout. The simplicity and excitement of Plinko have made it a favorite among crypto gamblers, and was one of the most popular games played by streamers, including rap superstar Drake, prior to Twitch banning gambling streams. 

  •’s aggressive marketing spending’s aggressive marketing spending to establish trust and credibility has significantly impacted its growth. The platform has invested heavily in advertising to promote its brand and offerings. has used a variety of advertising channels, including social media, influencer marketing, and online ads, to reach new audiences and promote its services. 

Additionally, the platform has sponsored various events and competitions, such as e-sports tournaments, to gain exposure and establish its brand as a leader in the online gambling industry. These strategies have helped establish the platform as a major gambling industry player and contributed to its rapid revenue growth.’s impressive growth

The platform’s progressive pathway has been astoundingly exceptional. From 2020 to 2022, the platform’s revenue skyrocketed from USD$ 105 million to a staggering USD$ 2.6 billion in just two years. This exponential growth has catapulted to the forefront of the gambling industry.

  • Comparing to well-known brands like DraftKings and 888 has stacked against established brands like DraftKings and 888. While these companies have been around for much longer, has managed to achieve in two years what they have taken decades to accomplish.

In light of that, DraftKings reported revenue of USD$ 2.24 Billion in 2022, while 888’s revenue was USB$ 1.58 Billion. Compared to’s USD$ 2.6 billion, it’s clear that the platform has emerged as a major player in the industry.

A number of factors can be attributed to this phenomenal growth. Factors contributing to this growth include the rising popularity of both cryptocurrency and anonymity in gambling, the platform’s focus on the high-end market, and strategic partnerships and endorsements. Also, It’s worth noting that has invested heavily in marketing to establish trust and credibility, which has paid off in spades.

  • ranked seventh-largest gambling site has emerged as the seventh-largest gambling group by revenue, an incredible achievement for a relatively young company. Its rapid growth is a testament to the power of cryptocurrency, the increasing popularity of online gambling, and the effective strategies employed by the company’s leadership team.

However, being one of the most prominent players in the global gambling industry also brings a significant responsibility to ensure that the platform operates fairly and responsibly. has demonstrated its commitment to responsible gambling by implementing various measures to protect its users, such as setting deposit limits, offering self-exclusion options, and providing resources for problem gambling.

Growth and usage of crypto on

The growth and success of are undoubtedly linked to the platform’s embrace of cryptocurrencies, which has helped it emerge as the world’s biggest crypto casino. 

  • Types of cryptocurrencies used

The platform supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others. Ideally, Bitcoin is the most widely used and well-known cryptocurrency, and its support on allows users to transact in a widely recognized and accepted currency.

On the other hand, Ethereum is known for its smart contract capabilities, which online gambling platforms can leverage to provide provably fair games and ensure the integrity of their platform. In addition, Litecoin, another popular cryptocurrency, is often used as a more cost-effective alternative to Bitcoin, with faster transaction times and lower fees.

The platform’s adoption of multiple cryptocurrencies has allowed users worldwide to access its services regardless of local regulations and restrictions. Additionally, offering a range of cryptocurrencies enables users to choose the digital asset that best suits their preferences, offering added convenience and flexibility.

  • The impacts of cryptocurrency market trends

As a cryptocurrency-based online gambling platform,’s revenue is directly tied to the value and level of adoption of the cryptocurrencies it supports. The good news is that the platform has seen a significant surge in usage and revenue as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have skyrocketed in recent years. 

That has encouraged more players to invest in crypto and use it to gamble on the platform. However, suppose Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency supported by, experiences a significant drop in value. In that case, users may be less likely to transact using Bitcoin, decreasing revenue for the platform.

It’s important to note that the impact of cryptocurrency market trends on’s revenue and user base may not solely depend on cryptocurrencies’ value. Other factors, such as regulatory changes, market competition, and platform security and reputation, can also impact the platform’s performance. may implement strategies such as diversifying its supported cryptocurrencies and developing new products and features to mitigate the impact of cryptocurrency market trends on its revenue and user base. Also, they can implement robust security measures to ensure the platform’s integrity.

  • Innovations in crypto-gambling

Innovations in crypto-gambling have contributed to’s success. The innovations include:

  • Provably fair games: This new type of online casino game utilizes blockchain technology to ensure that the outcome of each game is fair and transparent. Provably fair games allow players to verify the results of each game and confirm that the online casino is not cheating them. In provably fair games, the online casino uses a cryptographic algorithm to generate a random outcome for each game. The outcome is then hashed and sent to the player, who can generate a second hash using their client seed. The player can then compare their hash to the casino’s to ensure the outcome is random and fair. offers a range of provably fair games, including slots, table games, and live casino games. These games are audited regularly to ensure that they are fair and transparent.
  • Smart contracts: These are self-executing contracts built on blockchain technology. The technology allows for secure, transparent, and automated transactions without intermediaries. The innovations have become increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency industry because they offer security and transparency that traditional contracts cannot match. The online casino uses smart contracts to automate the payout process for its users. Suppose a player wins a bet; the winnings are automatically sent to their cryptocurrency wallet without human intervention. That ensures that the payout process is fair, transparent, and efficient.

Such innovations in crypto gambling have helped establish trust and transparency in the industry, providing a promising foundation for the future of online gambling. However, the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies presents challenges and opportunities for and the gambling industry. 

  • The challenges of crypto in gambling

As with any emerging technology, the integration of cryptocurrencies in the gambling industry has not been without its challenges. Despite cryptocurrencies’ many advantages, several obstacles to their widespread adoption exist. The challenges include: 

  • Volatility: Cryptocurrencies are, in general, volatile, which can pose challenges to players and online casinos. Its value can fluctuate rapidly, meaning players could lose or gain a significant amount of money in a short time.
  • Regulatory issues: Cryptocurrencies lack legal tender status, and their broad acceptance doesn’t require obligation on any country or government. That can create challenges for online casinos and sportsbooks that accept them as payment. The lack of regulatory oversight means there is a risk of fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities.
  • Security concerns: The currencies attract cybercriminals since their activities are untraceable. Cryptos are stored in digital wallets, and the security of these wallets can be compromised if proper security measures are not in place. That can put players’ funds at risk and create a challenge for online casinos and sportsbooks that accept cryptocurrencies.

Despite the challenges of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, the benefits and opportunities for the gambling industry are vast.

  • Opportunities presented by crypto in gambling

The integration of cryptocurrency in the gambling industry has presented many opportunities for operators and players. Using cryptocurrency in the gambling industry presents the following opportunities:

  • Accessibility: Cryptocurrencies provide an accessible and convenient way for players to gamble online. Players can transact quickly and securely without intermediaries like banks when using cryptocurrencies.
  • Anonymity: Digital currencies provide anonymity that is unavailable with traditional payment methods. That can particularly appeal to players who value their privacy and want to hide their gambling activities.
  • Global reach: Cryptocurrencies are not tied to any specific country or region, which means that online casinos and sportsbooks that accept them as payment can attract players worldwide.
  • Innovation: Cryptocurrencies in the gambling industry have opened up new possibilities for innovation. For example, blockchain technology can create fair, transparent, secure, and secure games.

Opportunities presented by cryptocurrency in the gambling industry are undeniable. As and other platforms continue to adapt and evolve, it will be fascinating to see how the interplay between cryptocurrency and gambling develops in the future.

Conclusion’s meteoric rise in the gambling industry can be attributed to its focus on cryptocurrency, aggressive marketing, and high-profile endorsements. As the platform continues to expand and adapt to the rapidly evolving crypto-gambling landscape, stakeholders and enthusiasts need to monitor its progress and the potential impact on the crypto-gambling sector.

As the crypto gambling sector grows,’s innovative approach and commitment to excellence positions it as a leader in this exciting space. With its focus on user experience, fairness, and transparency, is poised to shape the future of online gambling and pave the way for others to follow.

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