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COVID-19 Risks May be Mitigated by Upcoming Safety Certificate on the Blockchain

Canaan and Northern Data Join Hands to Work on AI, Blockchain and Datacenters
Canaan and Northern Data Join Hands to Work on AI, Blockchain and Datacenters

Blockchain technology is being utilized for one university to build the first COVID-19 “digital safety certificate,” reads a press release. It’s being called the Coronavirus Clearance Certificate (CCC) and is in development via the business school at Birmingham City University.

Essentially, companies will be able to earn a certificate after ensuring their supply chain and workflow are risk-mitigated when it comes to coronavirus. All certificates will be “issued by The Transnational Transparent Procurement (TTP) Foundation,” the release notes.

This is useful considering blockchain technology is immutable and accessible to all. Supply chain on the blockchain increases transparency, ensuring more products can be labeled safe before distribution.

Speaking on the matter is the director of the Birmingham City Business School, professor Nassim Belbaly:

“For supply chains, coronavirus represents a crisis of trust because we cannot any longer automatically trust goods or suppliers. However, as CCC is independently verified it can be issued to organisations, products, and even people that take appropriate steps to manage risks from coronavirus. I am proud that Birmingham City University is able to contribute in this way at this time.”

Other groups have taken advantage of blockchain technology in similar ways. The United States Air Force, for example, uses blockchain for secure communications as InsideBitcoins has previously reported on.

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