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Cosmos Price Forecast: ATOM Pumps Almost 9%, But Consider This New Crypto Casino For 100X Potential

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Cosmos price forecast
Cosmos price forecast

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The Cosmos price has surged 9% in the past 24 hours, reaching $7.96 as of 7:10 a.m. EST. 

As a result, the price has seen an 11.1% increase for the week, thanks to a significant boost in trading volume to $270 million, marking a remarkable 200% increase in just one day.

Cosmos Price Bulls May Target $10.3 Price Level

The formation of a double-bottom pattern has sparked a bullish rally, attracting more buyers who have driven the price upward.

Cosmos price forecast
ATOMUSD Chart Analysis. Source:

The price of ATOM rebounded from a support level of $6.3. This support level was crucial in forming a double-bottom pattern, indicating a shift towards a bullish trend

It has also empowered the bulls to propel the price above the 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA), which now serves as support, confirming the shift toward bullish sentiment.

The bullish surge met with resistance at the significant price level of $8.21, situated above the descending channel, leading to a minor price adjustment. 

Should the bullish momentum wane, there is a chance of a bearish correction that might push the price down toward the $6.95 support zone, coinciding with the 50 simple moving average.

Cosmos Price Prediction: ATOM Aims for New High

ATOM is experiencing a bullish trend, with support from the relative strength index (RSI), which has shifted from the oversold region at 30 to now being within the overbought zone at 72. 

If the bullish momentum continues beyond the overbought threshold, it can potentially result in a price breakthrough above the $8.21 resistance level and ultimately surpass the 200-day SMA.

This situation could attract additional buyers, leading to further upward momentum and allowing the price to stabilize, potentially sparking a rally and the chance of reaching new highs at $9.2 and $10.3, respectively.

Should bears take advantage of the $8.21 resistance level, there’s a possibility of a bearish decline. The price of ATOM could decrease to $6.94. A breach below this support level might force the price to drop to a $6.3 support zone.

Investors who missed out on the ATOM surge have the opportunity to explore promising options with TG.Casino, which offers an enticing presale project and a rewarding staking program.

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Don’t miss out on the TG.Casino presale, which is just under 12 hours away from the end of Stage 2. Once this stage concludes, the price will see an increase.

TG.Casino, an innovative platform, has already secured over $1.6 million in funding. Its objective is to achieve a pre-sale target of $2.5 million, and as they edge closer to this milestone, the possibility of price increases looms. At present, each token is valued at $0.1375.

Furthermore, TGC has launched a staking program that allows users to stake their TGC tokens and receive prizes and rewards. Users can also enjoy an attractive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 325%. Additionally, the platform offers a generous 25% cashback on losses accumulated during bets made with TGC tokens.

The distribution of tokens is meticulously organized, encompassing aspects such as liquidity, staking, pre-sale, play rewards, affiliates, and marketing, all contributing to the creation of a well-balanced ecosystem. 

TG.Casino sets itself apart from competitors by its potential for substantial expansion, attributed to its integration with a vast user base of over 1 billion on Telegram.

Experts and pundits who have analyzed the project foresee the potential for early investors to achieve a growth of up to 100X once the project hits exchanges.

Crypto News, a prominent YouTube channel with over 5,000 subscribers, reviewed TG.Casino and dubbed it the “ultimate telegram betting platform.”

To join the TG.Casino presale, you have the option to buy TGC tokens through the official TG.Casino website using various methods, including ETH, USDT, and BnB on the BSC network. 

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