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Computer Giant IBM Secures Patent Victory for Blockchain-Based Network Security System

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Computer giant IBM has won a patent for introducing blockchain-based technology to the world of network security systems. 

The patent which was filed to the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in September of 2017, outlines how a connected system of network monitors linked with a blockchain platform can log events that take place on the network, including any potential breaches. Hackers may attempt to hide signs of their work on one monitor however, having various backups of this information will help to ensure that all activity is logged and matches up.

“Securing a data log using monitor security protocols may be accomplished with different levels of security, ranging from low security to high security, and have various combinations of hardware and software configurations” the patent application states. 

If IBM’s blockchain patent is successful, it could have the potential to be implemented to other larger corporations trying to prevent networks being breached. Using the node consensus technology to alert the user of any suspected issues or activity will strengthen the overall protection of the network.

“The more monitors in a system network, the more difficult hijacking and altering an event log becomes…Since one monitor alone cannot alter the event log in the past or cannot fake the event log in the future, if one monitor is hacked, then there may be no consensus among the synchronized monitors and the event may not get written into the log.”

These sensors will work by allowing information to be passed from one sensor to the next. If the information from one sensor does then match up or synchronise with the next then it alerts the corresponding nodes to inform them of the “inconsistent data.” According to IBM, utilising blockchain technology on a custom built blockchain platform would be able to protect data more than current systems.

This blockchain news is another step in the right direction for the overall success of the technology.

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