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CoinShares Beings Offering Services to Kingdom Trust Customers

CoinShares, Ledger and Nomura Launch Crypto Custody Service
CoinShares, Ledger and Nomura Launch Crypto Custody Service

CoinShares, the self-described “leading digital asset investment firm,” revealed that it would be working with Choice by Kingdom Trust to “reduce the friction of getting digital assets into US retirement accounts,” a press release from the group notes.

On top of this, CoinShares Capital Markets will extend its investment into Kingdom Trust to allow users on its Choice platform to “buy, hold, and trade all digital assets including Bitcoin in their Kingdom Trust accounts – with no annual fees.”

Essentially, CoinShares will be offering its treasury features as well as trading and management services to Kingdom Trust’s 100,000+ retirement accounts that hold over $13 billion in assets. These aren’t all in digital currencies, but a lot of them are.

Speaking on the matter is Jean-Marie Mognetti, the CEO of CoinShares, who said:

“Over the last seven years, our team at CoinShares has built technology that fits our standard of security and efficiency while supporting our mission of providing all investors with access to digital assets. With Kingdom Trust, we have the perfect opportunity to leverage our connectivity and market access to make digital asset retirement solutions, accessible for all.”

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