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Coinbase Launches New Products Pushing Education and Ease of Entry

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Coinbase has announced a slew of new products aimed at educating retail investors by providing them an easy way to enter the market.

Crypto-Focused Consumer Education, Provided by Coinbase Learn

The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange and services provider has launched two new helpful resources with the purpose of guiding retail investor decision making through informative asset pages, and a new product called Coinbase Learn, according to a company blog.

For new investors interested in entering the space, cryptocurrencies can be confusing to understand. The blockchain technology underpinning cryptocurrencies is new, and complex to most, and with thousands of different altcoins to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. 

To provide investors with valuable insight into the assets available on the market, Coinbase has created a information database featuring coins from the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market cap — many of which aren’t available on Coinbase platforms.

In addition to the new educational asset pages, Coinbase has also launched its Coinbase Learn platform, providing answers to basic consumer questions such as “what is bitcoin,” “how is cryptocurrency different from regular money,” and “how can crypto make the world better.”

The exchange hopes that by providing investors with a wealth of valuable information, they’ll be more comfortable and more apt to dive into the cryptocurrency market. 

Ease of Entry for Retail Consumers Through Coinbase Bundles

If after investors dig into researching assets and still find themselves unable to decide on which ones to put their money behind, Coinbase is releasing a new product called Coinbase Bundle. 

Through it retail investors are able to avoid making a tough choice and instead can opt to invest in all five cryptocurrencies currently offered by the exchange. These include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the most recent addition, Ethereum Classic.

Coinbase Bundle is in essence an index fund for crypto investors. The mix of assets is weighted by market cap, with Bitcoin making up three quarters of the bundle. 

Bundles start at a minimum buy of $25, and after being purchased, the cryptocurrencies in the bundle will behave as if they’ve been purchased separately and will be stored in unique wallets for each asset within a user’s Coinbase account. 

Coinbase revealed their plan to begin rolling out more educational discovery tools for investors earlier this week when the firm announced an update to its listing policy that could lead to potentially “thousands” of new coins listed to Coinbase in the future.

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