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Coinbase Launches A TV Campaign To Promote Crypto

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Coinbase, the top US-based crypto exchange, is trying to change the narrative around cryptocurrencies as it’s set to promote crypto in the United States. Coinbase is turning to television to give details on why crypto is essential in America. The crypto exchange is rolling out another national advertising campaign to explain crypto’s role in modernizing the financial system.

On May 22, the Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, revealed they are running a TV campaign in Washington, DC, this week. Interestingly, most US lawmakers and regulators are based in Washington, DC. Further, Armstrong shared some insights into how the advertisement would be conducted. The exchange plans to shape the crypto market narrative instead of promoting its products.

Coinbase Fights For Crypto In America

The platform’s new “Moving America Forward” campaign will kick off via a series of four different advertisements featuring Brian Armstrong. The ads will primarily air during “popular Sunday shows” on US TV, with some also appearing during the NBA Finals series ad breaks.

As China keeps embracing and advancing technology, including digital assets, to project power, the campaign will notably ensure that US global economic leadership and national security are at risk. That is, if the US cedes its role in building technology central to the world’s financial infrastructure.

Coinbase’s campaign begins with a series of four ads. They include:

  1. The History of Money Initiative

This will entail an educational program showcasing the history of money. This includes:

  • A historical timeline of currency, which Coinbase created in partnership with a historian of funds.
  • A walls cape campaign on Wall Street visually documenting the historian’s work.
  • A series of messages aired during the NBA playoffs on the need to update the financial system
  • An armored money truck turned mobile billboard that will drive around NYC to show how inefficiently money moves today. Manhattan will be the truck’s first stop, with more locations and content throughout the year.
  1. Stand with Crypto Day

The exchange plans to engage directly with the crypto community through the Coinbase application. On July 19, Coinbase will organize “Stand for Crypto Day,” where members of the crypto economy will converge in Washington, DC, to advocate for crypto-friendly policies with their respective members of Congress.

  1. Real Crypto Using Crypto For Real Needs

In order to demonstrate the practical applications of crypto, Coinbase will feature real examples of people using crypto to pursue economic freedom and other opportunities. These will highlight the many ways in which crypto can positively impact people’s lives.

  1. The State Of Crypto Summit

Coinbase will collaborate with Financial Times to host the State Of Crypto Summit on June 22. The event seeks to bring together influential stakeholders from the traditional financial sector to explain how crypto can be deployed as financial technology.

However, each will be premiering for four separate weeks.

Crypto Is Not  A Financial Product

On the other hand, in a short video, the Coinbase CEO stated that the naïve view of crypto is that some speculative assets that people are trading ”will lose their shirts.” He further noted that:

Fundamentally, crypto is not a financial product. It is a technology that can update all kinds of financial products: from quicker settlement times to instant global payments and even new ways for artists and creators to get paid for their work.

Additionally, he noted that crypto isn’t going anywhere and cannot be un-invented. Most of the world is embracing and using this technology to update their financial systems. However, the Coinbase executive argued that the fear is that, America will return to crypto when it’s too late, just as it has with 5G or semiconductors (where China dominates in both industries).

Armstrong concluded the video asserting, “I think crypto is the most important technology to update the financial system and create more economic freedom globally.”

The Platform’s Unstoppable Endeavors

In March, the firm released an ad via YouTube titled “It’s Time to Update the Financial System.” On the other hand, it aired an ad during the NFL Super Bowl in February 2022 that contained a scannable QR code that brought users to a promotional BTC giveaway page. Notably, Coinbase ramped up its lobbying efforts.

Additionally, on May 12, the firm launched the Global Advisory Council with several former U.S. lawmakers and industry leaders. The group aims to globally navigate the “increasingly complex and evolving” crypto landscape.

Moreover, in February, it launched a U.S.-focused grassroots political campaign called “#Crypto435,” which is focused on making crypto user’s voices heard in all 435 congressional districts.

$COIN Price Soars

Meanwhile, the $COIN price has rallied in response to the news on the TV commercial campaign. The $COIN stock price increased 6.3% in the past 24 hours. After a dip at the $49 level in the first week of this month, the $COIN price has had more or maintained a sideways pattern at around the $60 level.

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