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Coinbase Introduces A Game-Changer Mobile App For Its Pro Customers

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Coinbase announced on Thursday that it’s developing a new mobile app for its mobile crypto traders.

It claimed the platform would enable Coinbase to provide a better interface for its teeming customers to enhance trading experience.

With this new app, customers in the platform will be able to trade more effectively, according to the Us-based Crypto Exchange.

In its site’s blog post, coinbase reiterated to provide an effective mobile exchange platform, stating that it is one of the most important requests it has received from its customers.

Currently, the trading app is only available to download via the Apple app store. But very soon, the app will also be available via android.

A better user-experience

According to Coinbase, user effectiveness is the main reason for the development of the new mobile app.

Before now, Coinbase customers had to choose between mobility and usability. But the offerings coming from the Coinbase app will change all these.

It will provide the most usr-friendly feature in any mobile trading platform. According to the blog post, it will make trading easier and more efficient for those involved.

The new app. will provide a lot of features to the customers. These features will include order books, depth charts, as well as real-time candles.

These shortcuts will make for easy navigation and prompt transaction. The app contains almost all the features in Coinbase Pro Desktop Version.

So, whatever features users are enjoying in the desktop version, users with the Mobil app version will also enjoy them.

Exciting times ahead for pro customers

The app will be particularly helpful to users who are always on-the-go. Those who want a quick glimpse or overview of the market can take advantage of the features in the app.

The Coinbase blog post also reiterated that the app users would not need to take more actions to complete transactions.

It means that traders would be able to check their portfolios, check prices, and execute orders all in real-time.

Traditional markets usually trade at specific times. But the crypto market is open 24/7. There are several buying and selling opportunities, and users can choose when to enter and exit the market.

Coinbase explained that traders must use the most intuitive trading platform. It will enhance their experience and trading efficiency.

Those sophisticated crypto traders on the Coinbase Pro platform need to have complete access to information and tools.

With this first-hand information, they can take advantage of the market movements and trade more effectively.

When it comes to the volume of trades, Coinbase is still the biggest crypto exchange in the United States. It transacts more than $141 million in trade value each day.

Coinbase product manager Linda Xie added that the exchange company designed the new app on React Native.

The entire features of the app have been rebuilt and rethought in ways that will make them both useful and usable.

On the initial launch, the app will be available to all Coinbase pro customers in more than 100 countries in the world.

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