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CoCo Coin Holds AMA For Its Crypto Presale Investors

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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CoCo Coin ($CoCo), a meme coin project introducing an innovative program that blends meme culture, social media, and digital currency, has held an AMA for its presale investors.

The project features a unique airdrop system, allowing those who engage with social media positively to earn rewards.

Unlike traditional projects, acquiring  $CoCo isn’t limited to participating in the presale. Participating in a community sharing event is another way to get $CoCo for free.

The project has dubbed this unique attribute a way to “extend the power of social networking indefinitely.”

Earn a Giveaway for Tuning into the AMA

Investors not only learned more about this new meme coin, which is built on Base, but they also participated in a $50 USDT giveaway.

Three were given to those who posed questions, and two were randomly selected.

Excerpts from the AMA About CoCo Coin

Hosted by Molox, the CoCo Coin AMA was also joined by Chris, the founder of the CoCo Coin project, Ayrton De Nobrega, and Carlos. Even OKX Japan was one of the AMA listeners. The AMA had an audience of more than 11,000 listeners.

“It is one of my all-time favorite crypto projects in the space,” said Ayrton.

He cited the incredible community behind CoCo Coin, putting forth well-organized events that add value to the community experience as the reason behind his decision.

Then, Molox asked Chris, the founder of the project, about the state of the crypto market.

“It is an incredibly exciting time for meme coins,” Chris said. “The offbeat humor is amazing.”

He also lauded the remarkable milestones many meme coins have reached by tapping into social media.

“More and more people are beginning to see meme coins not as only a fun asset but as an investment opportunity,” continued Chris.

He also expressed his hope for more innovation coming to the ecosystem.

What is CoCo Coin About?

When asked about what CoCo Coin is about, Chris replied that CoCo Coin is a different take on social media interactions.

Inspired by Pepe, the project leverages internet memes with interactive social dynamics to establish a platform that entertains and crafts meaningful connections.

According to Chris, doing so creates an immersive and highly valuable experience.

The project also focuses on social community-building, allowing members to actively participate and shape the narrative of CoCo Coin.

How is CoCo Coin different?

Molox asked, “What makes CoCo Coin different?” The founder responded by highlighting its core mechanics.

CoCo Coin is a revolutionary coin system designed to incentivize social media interaction. It rewards $CoCo to those who generate positive experiences on social media. This engagement-for-reward mechanic makes the project more expansive and community-led.

Furthermore, CoCo Coin has opted for a donation-based presale, allowing users to donate USDT or ETH to get CoCo tokens.

However, the key distinguishing factor of this ecosystem is the airdrop mechanic.

Unique Airdrop System

CoCo Coin’s airdrop system is crafted to appreciate meaningful contributions. Those who are interested can participate in tasks and collect value points every time they share engagement-worthy posts.

These points are then turned into tokens. According to Chris, this ensures equitable distribution of tokens so that members who support the project can have their support recognized and reciprocated.

Additionally, the project will also introduce staking to incentivize long-term holding and make the ecosystem more sustainable in the long run.

Another unique factor that could bolster CoCo Coin’s growth is its multichain launch. It is currently available on Base and Binance Smart Chain and will soon arrive on Ethereum.

The Project Has Gone Through Initial Funding Rounds

CoCo Coin is a meme coin project that has already undergone multiple funding rounds.

Chris revealed in the AMA that the dev team secured $1.95 million in the first round, a feat they accomplished in four hours.

In the second round, they secured $1.99 million in 5 hours.  So far, the project has raised $8 million.

CoCo Coin $8 Million Raised.

The upcoming round will start on July 9 at 12:00 p.m. UTC and initiate a public sale, allowing investors to become early movers.

What Does CoCo Coin’s Roadmap Look Like?

Even though CoCo Coin has not developed a consolidated roadmap, Chris has revealed that its end goal is to go live on multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Chris said that doing so will expose CoCo Coin to a wider audience, which can also potentially attract institutional investors.

The listing will also improve CoCo Coin’s liquidity and stability and help establish an inclusive and diverse community.

How to Invest in CoCo Coin?

CoCo Coin has portrayed investing in the presale as a way to donate to the project. The official website repeatedly updates the latest donations, showing how much each crypto wallet has donated.

Coco Coin Donation History

These donations range from a few dollars to more than $4,000. Donating to the project is possible through ETH, USDT, or BNB.

The investment process is simple. Users only need to go to the website, connect their wallets, and click “Donate” after entering the donation amount and making the swap.

CoCo Coin Could Become a Meme Sensation this Year

CoCo Coin has all the makings of a good project. It is a community-led memecoin that has already created a social utility that can encourage engagement and has a unique presale model.

With so many positive traits, CoCo Coin is likely to surge this year. Those interested should visit the website and follow CoCo Coin’s social media handles to learn more.

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