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City In Brazil Will Allow Citizens To Pay For A Bus Ticket With Cryptocurrency


Interestingly, Fortaleza, a city in northeast Brazil, will start accepting Bitcoin for bus tickets by the end of this year, reports CoinTelegraph.

A transportation company within the city, the Cooperative of Independent Transport of Passengers of the State of Ceará (Cootraps), ensures that citizens will be able to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and use it for their trips alongside debit and credit cards. This would mark another milestone in the bitcoin revolution.

On top of this, they can use their smartphones to scan QR codes in order to pay with Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, as of now, we’re unsure as to what other cryptocurrencies will be accepted by the company, only that there are going to be some aside from Bitcoin.

Also, users are getting an error when trying to access the website as of this writing, so it’s difficult to do more research on the topic until this pops back up.

Otherwise, according to the publication, Cootraps CFO Carlos Robério Sampaio believes that by having all of these different forms of payment, the company would “reduce bureaucracy” and bring in more users than ever before. Also, they plan to simplify some processes with electronic vouchers, and users could even then pay for tickets without communicating to the bus driver.

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