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Chris Gayle: The Face of 10CRIC Casino

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Chris Gayle: The Face of 10CRIC Casino
10CRIC is one of the most popular cricket betting sites today, and it only gets better because it has finally signed one of the biggest cricket superstars today – the Universe boss, Chris Gayle.

This just makes 10CRIC a more exciting sports betting site and online casino. With Chris Gayle as its brand ambassador, you can visit 10CRIC online casino to play real money games and bet on the biggest cricket events like the Indian Premier League (IPL) with great offers and even with Bitcoin too.

After the release, the spokesman of 10CRIC talked about how they’re excited about this partnership. “We are over the moon with the fact Chris has agreed to promote our brand, we see in him the perfect match to represent the 10CRIC values – he is a winner, full of fun, and always aims to please and surprise his fans.

“This is what 10CRIC is all about and we hope that through the image of Chris Gayle we will be able to introduce the brand to an even wider audience of cricket passionates looking to have fun while watching cricket,” according to the statement.

The Universe Boss – Chris Gayle
Chris Gayle is not just another name in the cricket industry. He’s done well as a T20 player. He scored the very first hundred in this cricket format and owns so many breaking records including the most runs, most hundreds, fastest hundred, and most fours and sixes.

Take a look at Gayle’s Batting Scores summary below:

M Inn NO Runs HS Avg BF SR 100 200 50 4s 6s
Test 103 182 11 7215 333 42.19 11970 60.28 15 3 37 1046 98
ODI 301 294 16 10480 215 37.7 12019 87.2 25 1 54 1128 331
T20I 79 75 7 1899 117 27.93 1381 137.51 2 0 14 158 124
IPL 142 141 16 4965 175 39.72 3333 148.96 6 0 31 405 357

 His batting skills aren’t everything he has to offer. Take a look at his bowling career summary below:

M Inn B Runs Wkts BBI BBM Econ Avg SR 5W 10W
Test 103 104 7109 3120 73 5/34 6/81 2.63 42.74 97.38 2 0
ODI 301 199 7424 5926 167 5/46 5/46 4.79 35.49 44.46 1 0
T20 79 30 381 440 20 2/15 2/15 6.93 22.0 19.05 0 0
IPL 142 38 554 729 18 3/21 3/21 7.9 40.5 30.78 0 0

With that, you can see that Gayle is one of the most barbarous hitters in the industry. He was even able to swing a Brett Lee delivery past the Lord Tennyson school outside The Oval. He was also the first batsman to hit the first ball in a test match for a six.

The Latest on Chris Gayle
He’s been playing cricket for as long as we can remember but he debuted in ODI in 1999. Meanwhile, he’s been part of the IPL ever since it started. He played for the Kolkata Knight Riders from 2009 to 2010. While the Royal Challengers Bangalore signed him in 2011, he stayed until 2017.

In 2018, he was then signed by Punjab Kings.  However, his absence was felt during the last season. According to his interview with The Mirror, he felt that the league hasn’t been treating him properly.

In the interview, he explained, “For the last couple of years, the way the IPL went about, I felt like I wasn’t treated properly. So, I thought ‘okay, you (Gayle) didn’t get the respect you deserved after you did so much for the sport and IPL.

“So, I said ‘okay, that’s it, I’m not going to bother to enter the draft. I left it as it is. There is always going to be life after cricket so I’m just trying to adapt to normality.”

In an interview with the Guardian earlier this year, he talked about what he’s been busy about. Gayle said, “I’ve been interacting with kids, taking photos, signing autographs. Oh man, it’s been a lot of work. A lot of work.”

He also sees himself as the most traveled man in the cricket world. When asked about his proudest achievement, he said that it was when he won the World T20 in 2012 and 2016.

“I’ve achieved a lot of individual stuff. Two triple-centuries, playing a hundred Tests, you know, I could go on and on, but overall I will cherish winning titles. That’s key. That’s why we play the game.

“I just want to stay longer in the game because of the fans. Really and truly. They urge me to stick around as long as possible. That’s why I’m still playing,” he explained.

And of course, he has the partnership with 10CRIC going on. So, even if he wasn’t in the IPL field last year, his fans still very much felt Gayle’s presence.

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