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Chainers NFT Game for Degens – Full Review

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Chainers NFT game for degens – Full review

Chainers is one of the most exciting offerings yet to come out of the burgeoning NFT/metaverse gaming space powered by Polygon. A sandbox genre online MMO game, which has NFT utility baked into it, is currently in beta mode with a full launch next year, but it has already attracted tens of thousands of players. So what exactly is Chainers and why is it special? Let’s find out.

What is Chainers?

Chainers is an online game with real economy on internal sidechain, which is based on Polygon, that uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the most innovative way so far seen within the NFT-metaverse gaming sphere. Chainers are developed in the genre of sandbox MMO games, which are very popular in the world among web 2.0 and web 3.0 players. In Chainers, the player can “play god”, that is, he plays games, crafts amazing voxel world, and collects resources. And this is all on the Polygon blockchain, which will allow not only to have fan, but also to receive rewards for the invested time.

The free-to-start game encourages players to build a world for their characters, called Chainers, using a variety of digital accessories, from property to clothes, fostering a sustainable creative economy and offering endless customization. With over 1,000 unique NFT items to be collected, as well as 15 Chainer races to discover, the creative possibilities are endless.

Although the game is still at the development stage, Chainers already has a large community –  more than 50 000 subscribers in Discord and Twitter. As well as building a brand new world for their Chainers, owners can also involve them in free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. These games feature immersive and engaging gameplay and can be accessed from any browser without the need for downloads, allowing thousands of players to experience the same virtual world simultaneously. Players can play through engaging storylines and enjoy advanced customization options, while the mechanics also allow players to claim rewards for their participation. With over 100 levels of NFT progression built into the game, the fun and exploration never stops.

In addition to these current benefits, future benefits include an Augmented Reality (AR) feature that will allow players to interact with their Chainers and create a variety of user-generated content through them.



How Does it Work?

Chainers is able to blend performance with decentralisation for a key reason – it runs on an internal sidechain, based on Polygon. Polygon is famed for its high transactional speed and low cost, which is why several household names, including Nike and Starbucks, have used it for their own Metaverse/NFT needs.

There is no up front cost to starting with Chainers –  simply sign up on the website and players will be given a basic Chainers Hero and two free random NFTs to start them off. These NFTs are key, because they represent everything that brings Chainers truly to life – from sunglasses to sofas, from axes to accessories, players use NFTs to build and customise their own virtual spaces, with the marketplace being the hub of the action. Here, players can buy and sell NFT assets, as well as having the ability to create and sell their own accessories on the marketplace.

NFTs are essential to the Chainers gameplay experience – without them, the Chainers metaverse would not have the same level of value and depth, and their importance to the game gives these NFTs a legitimacy and value other games lack.

Alongside NFTs, Chainers features two in-game tokens – ChainCoin (CCC), which is the main form of payment for in-game transactions, and Chainers: Universe (CHU), which is a governance token that allows players to vote on many aspects of the protocol, ensuring that development remains democratic. Players can earn tokens by playing games, competing, or simply by owning lands and spaces in the metaverse.

What Makes Chainers Different?

Up to now, many blockchain games have disappointed, and this is for a number of reasons – some are underdeveloped, some lack depth or quality of gameplay, and some have a barrier of entry that simply isn’t possible unless you either have enough free capital to throw at it, or you were lucky enough to get in early when things were cheaper. Others are based on slow or expensive blockchains, so even if you pay up to get started, the high transaction fees make it prohibitive.

The Chainers team had these drawbacks at the very front of their minds when they developed Chainers, and this shows in the end product – entry is free, transactions are fast and cheap, and more importantly the Chainers metaverse knows no bounds. In fact, as the 50,000+ players have shown, the only drawback is the creativity of the players playing the game.

Chainers is also a truly decentralised outfit, with a community-driven DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) in charge of the big decisions around the game. This will include things like introducing new products and games, as well as deising events such as contests and quizzes to foster community growth. The DAO is made up of CHU holders who want to play an active role in the development of the game, with the Chainers team itself taking a back seat in the decision-making process, unlike many other metaverse games.

How do I Get Started?

Getting started with Chainers is easy – simply head to the website, sign up and you’ll receive your free Chainer and introductory NFTs. To collect more NFT, players need to visit Chainers website every day. The more you get at this stage – the cooler your character will be at the release stage of the game. The game release will start very soon. Check Chainers social media to know more news.

There’s a great reason to start your Chainers adventure today – the team is running a free NFT campaign that rewards new players with exclusive access to limited edition NFTs, in addition to their free starter NFTs. Getting hold of a free daily Chainers NFT is ridiculously easy – all new players have to do is enter the website on a daily basis and they will be rewarded with something special for their Chainer. 

Chainers Promises to Break the Mould

Having addressed the issues that have plagued blockchain games to date, and managed to create a world where NFTs play a crucial role in the playability and growth of the platform, the Chainers team may have struck gold. With a full launch coming in 2023, there’s every chance these pixelated pretenders could turn out to be the genuine article.

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