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Celestia Price Prediction: TIA Plunges 21% As This New Meme Coin Presale Surges Toward $2 Million

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Celestia price
Celestia price

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The Celestia price has plunged by 21% in the last 24 hours as the token traded at $5.31 at 12:50 p.m. EST.

The token experienced a price plunge as some investors sold tokens to take profits gained in the past few days, according to social media posts.

Celestia Price Prediction

Looking at 45-minute TIA/USD charts, the RSI is now on an upward trajectory, showing bullishness on the Celestia price. We also see a couple of bullish engulfing candle stick patterns having formed. These indicate a bullish short-term on TIA as the token recovers from the recent price corrections stirred by the sell-offs.

The MACD also moves in the green zone, asserting bull dominance on the Celestia price. Looking at volatility, the Bollinger Bands are moving far apart, showing high volatility levels on TIA. This results from rising trading activities that have seen the token’s trading volume surge by 31% in the past 24 hours.

Meanwhile, as the Celestia price looks to skyrocket in the short term, Meme Kombat’s MK token, currently in presale, could be poised for even more massive future gains. This is due to its fast-growing investor confidence that has seen the token’s presale garner close to $2 million in funding.

Celestia Price Prediction: Is The MK Token Better Than TIA?

Meme Kombat introduces an innovative fusion of Web3 gaming, staking capabilities, and GambleFi, setting it apart from other meme tokens that lack utility.

The play-to-earn platform of Meme Kombat features a roster of 11 iconic meme coin characters, including Doge, Shiba, Pepe, Floki, Sponge, and more. Players can choose their favorite character in meme coin battles and potentially win substantial rewards.

The outcome of AI-simulated character clashes is determined by on-chain random sequencing.  This approach allows Meme Kombat to capitalize on the popularity of existing tokens, much like meme coins such as HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu, which draw inspiration from famous fictional characters.

This, in turn, puts the future MK price in a better position to gain than the Celestia price. The token trades at $0.205, and is two days from a price increase.

Meme Kombat also presents a compelling staking opportunity, offering early adopters a 511% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) during the presale phase. While this percentage is expected to decrease as more investors stake their tokens, it surpasses the industry standard of 5–7%.

Staking provides token holders with passive income, irrespective of fluctuations in MK’s price or overall market sentiment. This incentive encourages investors to hold onto their tokens longer, mitigating the risk of pump-and-dump price movements.

Staked tokens must be locked in for at least 10 days to maintain network stability and reward long-term holders. This 10-day period resets when users add more tokens, claim rewards, or withdraw their stake.

Furthermore, users can allocate some of their staked tokens for betting, allowing for a balanced approach to risk and potential profits. 

Meme Kombat’s Commitment To Transparency And Security

Recognizing the risks associated with anonymous developers, Meme Kombat takes a different approach by transparently identifying its creator, Matt Whiteman, and other key team members.

This level of transparency is uncommon in the world of meme coins and serves to bolster investor confidence.

Furthermore, a comprehensive audit of Meme Kombat’s smart contract by Coinsult revealed no critical vulnerabilities or centralization threats. The contract owner lacks the authority to blacklist addresses, mint additional coins, or unethically pause the contract.

As mentioned, MK is currently in its presale phase and has already amassed close to $2 million due to its unique value proposition. This achievement and its incredible attributes give the token’s future price an advantage over coins including Celestia. 

With that, visit Meme Kombat here and avoid missing out.

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