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Cardano’s configurable sidechains and toolbox are expected to draw billion-dollar businesses and investors

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The toolkit allows sidechain developers to modify their consensus algorithm and other unique features without compromising the security of the main chain. Following the news, one enthusiastic participant anticipates a significant increase in the price of the native token of the network, much to the increase in the price of eth between 2020 and 2021.

The Input-Output Global (IOG) team, the creators of the Cardano ecosystem, will introduce a development toolkit later this month. With the use of this toolkit, programmers can design unique sidechains for the Cardano network to improve the ecosystem. The IOG team added the formal technical document for this toolkit while tweeting the announcement on Thursday.


Increasing the mainnet

The IOG developers disclosed that they had used the toolkit to build a proof-of-concept utilizing a sidechain public testnet that was EVM-compatible. Developers could build dApps and smart contracts once the audit was over, they added, and they could transfer coins across several test chains. Another app-specific aspect of the toolkit, according to the release, is that sidechain developers can use it to choose the consensus algorithm of their preference.

The mainnet, usually referred to as the parent blockchain, is not the only blockchain that operates; there are other sidechains. Sidechains enhance the parent blockchain by introducing scalability, whereas the parent blockchain often concentrates on security and decentralization.

IOG predicts that this new development will result in widespread adoption of the Cardano network, as well as the long-term introduction of a number of Cardano sidechains and partner chains. Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, would adore it if Solana joined Cardano’s “partner chains.” Hoskinson made this disclosure last month at a “ask me anything” session. He said that there would be certain benefits shared by the two blockchains.

For instance, Solana can benefit from Cardano’s infrastructure and security while Cardano may gain from Solana’s network performance.

the Cardano environment is buzzing

Cardano community members have emphasized how happy they are with the news. One enthusiastic participant expects the network’s native coin will see a sharp price increase akin to the increase in ETH’s price between 2020 and 2021. There were multiple launches of layer-2 sidechains and utility tokens at that time. Another enthusiastic participant predicted that the toolkit’s introduction and subsequent use would increase Cardano sidechain usage in the months to come.

The IOG team acknowledged that the toolkit isn’t a perfect answer, but added that it will be effective in areas that need improvement. The security model, bridge experience, and SPO incentives system are a few examples of these domains in the toolkit. The team did say that it would include user comments and work together to create these enhancements, though.

According to the plan for the network, Cardano will introduce parallel accounting models to strengthen sidechains. To promote interoperability on the Cardano network, this launch will be incorporated into the Basho update. IOG has created a second sidechain solution for Cardano with this toolkit.

The first was the fundamental Ethereum sidechain, which was introduced in July 2022. Over the past few months, the Cardano network has undergone a number of upgrades. The protocol underwent the Vasil upgrade in September of last year to let dApps to operate at lower costs and accelerate the implementation of smart contracts.


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