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Business Club to Launch an Innovative Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

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Business Club to Launch an Innovative Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
Business Club to Launch an Innovative Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

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Blockchain Business Solutions, a stable cryptocurrency ecosystem supported by multiple services and products, has announced the launch of its platform on the 5th of January 2020. Business Club will offer a variety of products and services that include a generated profit active wallet for cryptocurrencies, its own Business Club token (BCT), cloud services, cryptocurrency payment cards, and social network for its users.

This new crypto ecosystem is passionate about developing a strong community platform for crypto investors, developers, advertisers, and newcomers to gain access to the crypto market. The Business Club platform has been designed in order to create an all-in-one platform for cryptocurrency users that provides a constantly growing ecosystem.

The Business Club Token (BCT) is an integral part of the platform. The coin can be used to transfer funds between users, generate profits and support the development of the community. Users can use the Business Club Active wallet to store their crypto funds and earn a monthly yield of 8-12%. Because Business Club charges a small commission fee for each transaction made with the Business Club Token (BCT), users who transact the BCT tokens within and outside the platform, are in fact, generating profits for the company which eventually will be shared among BCT holders.

An additional possibility for users of Business Club will include the creations of a business team that allows users boosting their income by connecting with other users in the community.

Benefits of the Business Club Ecosystem

Business Club has a diverse team of individuals passionate about creating the largest community in the world with its own stable cryptocurrency. The platform utilizes a new token, called BCT, which will be used for various purposes and transactions between users within the community. Furthermore, Business Club Token (BTC) is expected to be available on cryptocurrency exchanges in the future.

Business Club users can also benefit the Business Club VISA Payment Cards that allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies in over 42 million sales points worldwide and to be able to withdraw cash in any ATM worldwide that accepts VISA Cards.

Moreover, the team has created a social media platform where users can make purchases within the ecosystem, such as file storage space, advertisements on the platform, sponsored content, share live streaming videos, connect with other users and, easily transfer funds between the community’s users.

About Business Club

Business Club is a leading Fintech company developing a cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is owned by Blockchain Business Solutions, a registered company in the Republic of Malta under the number C-92788. Blockchain Business Solution has filed with the Malta Financial Supervision Authority (MFSA) to become fully regulated. The company is headquartered in Valetta (Malta), with additional operations in Zurich (Switzerland).

The company was one of the biggest sponsors of the AI Blockchain Malta Summit held on Nov 7-8, 2019. For more information visit:

Check Business Club timeline of completed work, current projects, and future goals:

The Business Club web services and Mobile Applications are available for download and use. For more information visit

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