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BTC Education Planned By US Senator For Politicians


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Cynthia Lummis stands as the first-ever woman senator elected for the US state of Wyoming, and made a statement where she revealed plans to make discussions with other senators. These discussions are planned to be about Bitcoin, with the ultimate goal being to increase these Senators’ understanding of digital assets as a whole.

Plans To Educate Senators On BTC

Through a podcast going by “What Bitcoin Did,” Lummis expressed these views to the public. She further added that crypto adoption needs crypto education to streamline itself. It should be noted that Lummis herself isn’t the official Senator, not just yet, but is instead set to take on the Senate office on the 3rd of January, 2021.

As for the State of Wyoming, the one she’ll represent, Lummis actively praised its efforts in the development of a digital asset regulatory framework. She went as far as expressing that Wyoming stands as the leader when it comes to crypto policies, including policies that allowed its charter banks to transact by way of Bitcoin.

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Printing Money Might Not Have Been A Good Idea

The Senator-elect highlighted that people typically fear Bitcoin, especially in regard to its sovereignty. However, Lummis highlighted that education of cryptocurrencies could help these people gain a greater grasp as to what the differences between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies are.

Like many before her and probably after, Lummis stands as one of the voices openly criticizing the US Government’s decision to start printing money. This measure, while doing good in the short term, has left the USD with a massive problem regarding inflation. This problem will probably continue to drag on for some time, as the USD loses its buying power.

Planning To Make Crypto More Mainstream

Lummis highlighted how many individuals are being frustrated by inflation, as they can only watch as their savings decrease in value. From there, Lummis highlighted that Bitcoin suffers not from these flaws, and holds a value with a greater level of stability, all things considered. This stability allows for saving plans for people planning to live a comfortable future life, or those preparing for a fixed income, or approaching one in these trying times.

A key move from Lummis in her Pro-Bitcoin measures is the appointment of Tyler Lindholm, a Wyoming House of Representatives member. Lindholm will serve as one of Lumiss’ Policy Directer in her team, with Lindholm himself having already supported a number of regulatory initiatives for crypto at large. These initiatives prioritized the crypto businesses’ growth within Wyoming, such as the Utility Token Act.

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