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Brock Pierce, Co-Founder of Block.One, Files To Run For US President

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Brock Pierce, a crypto entrepreneur that co-founded Block.One and the EOS token filed as a candidate with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Monday. Pierce, also having helped co-found Tether (Which was initially called Realcoin), made the announcement for his bid this weekend. The FEC has officially listed him on its website on Monday, however.

As it stands now, Pierce has opted not to name a candidate for vice president. This comes according to the FEC filing he had made.

Slowly reaching State Deadlines

As it stands now, the filing deadlines to get on the ballot have already passed in certain regions, with New York, Indiana, North Carolina, Maine, Texas, and New Mexico already having their deadlines passed. At the time of writing, three days are left for the presidential nominations deadline for Nevada.

As it stands now, more states are still open for filing than closed, as Florida, Delaware, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Illinois, Michigan, Washington, Main, Jew Jersey, and Missouri still stand open. Alongside this, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, West Virginia, Vermont, and South Dakota are free as well.

Strange Bedfellows

The upcoming presidential election is going to be an extraordinary one, indeed. The major candidates for this are the classic democrat and republican standoff between the former vice president, Joe Biden, standing for democrats, and Donald J. Trump, the republican side. Trump is a man of great controversy, with most of the US media talking about him at least once a day. Biden, in turn, is plagued with rumors of old age finally getting to him. In the modern US, there’s much to be said about how polarising all of this politics is.

In the less mainstream cases stands people like Brock Pierce, as well as Jo Jorgenson, who filed to represent the libertarian party. Alongside this, the famous US rapper, Kanye West, has gone out of his way to claim that he will run for President this year. However, the man has yet to file the various paperwork needed to enact it, according to CNN.

This year seems to be a very strange, very interesting year for the world at large. A pandemic is running amok, the US is currently in the throws of riots over police brutality, and now the US presidency is left in the hands of these candidates.

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