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Breezecoin – The Fitting Alternative to Your Conventional Real Estate Investment

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There are lots of different possibilities to put your own capital to good use. Besides a regular deposit account, people nowadays tend to invest most commonly in shares or precious metals for example.

Investing in real estate has always been a fairly safe go-to variant, since the general value has been basically going up ever since, especially in popular regions.

Breezecoin, a digital cryptocurrency, is the perfect addition to your potentially upcoming real estate investment.

The real estate situation in popular regions

As already mentioned above, it’s all about the right spot and trending districts if you’re investing in real estate, there’s no doubt about it. This simple principle is working in both ways, private housing or office space. Crucial for the evaluation of each object is to find the perfect location.

While prices for properties have been stagnating which are located more on the economically less frequented countryside, objects where the economy is booming, the prices have been going through the roof.

But not only have the prices been on the rise in the metropolis area. For example, cities with a smaller population have also grown in popularity and therefore resulted in a price increase as well.

The highest rent prices per square meter right now in Europe are Munich, Istanbul and Paris. Even in the outskirts of those cities, the prices have skyrocketed.

Why you should invest in real estate

There are good reasons for you to consider investing in real estate – for example to broaden or diversify your portfolio and therefore splitting the risk instead of putting all in one basket.

Another pleasant side effect is that you can profit from a steady flowing rate of return due to the rent income on one hand and on the other, you can sell your object a couple of years later for a good margin.

What’s is Breezecoin?

Breezecoin is a digital cryptocurrency that was founded by Breeze De Mar, a construction company with a long and successful 60 years long history. Despite still being a family-owned company in the second generation, Breeze De Mar caters to a high and modern standard without losing its traditional values.

The company designs and the spirit of innovation are really one of a kind, especially due to having a company owned cryptocurrency – which is already listed at four different digital stock markets.

Development of Breezecoin

Being founded in 2018, the coin was introduced to international stock markets in September 2019 for the starting price of 16 $ Cent. During the following months, a rapid rise up to 62 $ cent followed and could only be temporarily stopped by the recent recession due to Corona Covid-19 and it dropped to 40 $ Cent.

Right now the 37 $ Cent should represent rock bottom of the Breezecoin Chart, and the share price is expected to rise again up to 1 $ due to the latest successful Breeze De Mar projects, which are located in Turkey and are going really well.

What does the future hold for Breeze De Mar

Right now the main key projects are located in Turkey, as above already mentioned. The value of both projects is estimated at around 80 Million $.

On one hand, there’s one resort with 122 high-end villas next to the town Kartepe, a popular skiing hotspot and on the other hand, the second resort is located next to Kumburgaz, which is famous for its beautiful beaches.

At this spot, 212 high-end villas are being built at the moment. The structural work for both projects is already done.

Additionally, the already existing five Breeze De Mar office spaces in Orlando, London, Istanbul, Berlin und Steyr are constantly expanding. Coming up next, at the beginning of 2021, another exciting project is about to start in Reit im Winkel, Bavaria.

There’s definitely a lot to expect in the near future from Breeze De Mar and that should come in handy for the further development of the Breezecoin.

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