Blockchain Intelligence Group Now Supports Bitcoin Cash

Unstable Bitcoin Cash Data Signals Tampering with Volume
Unstable Bitcoin Cash Data Signals Tampering with Volume

Blockchain Intelligence Group, which is owned by BIGG Digital Assets Inc., has brought Bitcoin Cash on one of the supported assets of its QLUE Forensics Platform, according to a press release from the group.

The platform also supports Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and Litecoin, as well as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash, as you may know, was the result of a hard fork from July 2017. However, at the time, some regulators “have interest in when gauging liabilities and risk.”

Now that Bitcoin Cash is on the QLUE Forensics Platform, “Blockchain Intelligence Group’s QLUETM product now addresses those risks by allowing financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to have visibility and tracing capabilities into Bitcoin Cash. Adding Bitcoin Cash is an addition to QLUE’s already impressive cryptocurrency tracking and tracing abilities.”

According to the release, BIGG’s QLUETM platform is taken advantage of by banks, exchanges, law enforcement, and much more.

Speaking on the matter is Lance Morginn, the President of the Blockchain Intelligence Group, had said:

“QLUETM is being touted by the industry as having the most user friendly interface which makes it a lot easier to onboard new law enforcement or compliance officers. The addition of BCH makes QLUETM even more valuable to our current and prospective customers for investigations thus expanding our revenue potential and market share of the crypto forensics market globally.”

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