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Blockchain Firm “Chain” Buys Measurable Data Token (MDT) For $100M

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The latest report confirms that Chain, the blockchain infrastructure solution company, has successfully acquired the Measurable Data Token and its ecosystem products in a payment deal value of over $100 million.

In a July 24 announcement, the blockchain infrastructure solution company confirmed the successful acquisition of the Measurable Data Token and its ecosystem products. The deal consists of acquiring the Measurable Data Token (MDT), the native digital token powering a decentralized data ecosystem, and its blockchain applications RewardMe and MeFi.

Interestingly, the recent acquisition from Chain has attracted massive traction within the crypto community, with Measurable Data Token (MDT) now featuring among the top five trending searches on Google.

Measurable Data Token (MDT) is a decentralized data ecosystem dedicated to empowering data rewards for individual users while accelerating blockchain adoption through various blockchain innovations.

On the other hand, Chain is a blockchain infrastructure solution company launched in 2014. Alongside MDT, Chain has acquired RewardMe, a cashback app, to allow users to get rewards automatically in digital assets and digital gift cards for their daily purchases.

Chain envisioned launching a series of rewards programs to become the leading consumer offering a crypto app, connecting individual uses and facilitating merchants across the globe through its Chain ecosystem. In the coming months, Chain will rebrand its newly acquitted RewardMe program as Chain Reward, and the utility token will be XCN.

Chain has also acquired MeFi, a blockchain oracle connecting capital markets and DeFi. Chain will leverage MeFi functionality to power its ChainFi, the Chain’s oracle system formulated for sequencing clients to access trustless data.

Under the new acquisition, more than 200,000 RewardMe users will now become part of the Chain ecosystem. Furthermore, over 30,000 on-chain MDT holders on Ethereum and BNB Chain and tens of thousands of off-chain MDT will become XCN holders.

Chain has invited Heartherm Huang, the director of MDT, as Chief Product Officer, alongside other members of MDT from RewardMe and MeFi. While commenting about the recent acquisition, Deepak Thapliyal, the CEO of Chain, remarked:

“I am deeply excited to announce that Chain will be acquiring MDT and will have the opportunity to work alongside the company’s brilliant team. We look forward to continuing to scale our products and reach new heights.”

In his turn, Heartherm Huang, the Director of Measurable Data Token, expressed his excitement for the new partnership, responding:

“We are anxious to see our product transform and merge with Chain’s full suite of services. We believe that joining the Chain ecosystem will continue our mission of accelerating blockchain adoption into everyday life.”

In the meantime, the acquisition of Measurable Data Token from Chain continues making headlines on many online crypto platforms. Other leading terms in the top five trending searches include Biconomy and Battle infinity.



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