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BitPay Awarded Company of the Year Award for Innovation

BitPay, a platform that provides Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment solutions, has revealed that it was awarded Company of the Year from Frost & Sullivan – a market research and consultation firm.

Speaking on the matter is David Frigstad, the Chairman of Frost & Sullivan, who had said:

“BitPay is a true industry leader, delivering best practices in growth, innovation, and leadership.”

Allegedly, BitPay has been solving problems in the blockchain payments space, ensuring that accessibility is one of the most important factors.

Also sharing some thoughts on the matter is Stephen Pair, the CEO and Co-Founder of BitPay:

“It’s an honor to be considered among the world’s top payment companies and to be named Company of the Year. We expect to onboard more new merchants this year than ever before, and we appreciate Frost & Sullivan recognizing the value proposition we bring.”

The consulting firm offers these awards every year, and only those who consistently grow in their industries receive them.

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