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BitNance Enters the Presale Arena with Its Community-Centric Approach: Next Big Crypto?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Bitcoin may be the first thing that comes to mind every time the topic of cryptocurrencies comes up. This is because, over the years, Bitcoin has positioned itself as the frontrunner crypto across the globe.

But very few may have actually managed to make massive gains by holding Bitcoin, at least recently. BitNance attracts investors by being a better, optimized version of the number one crypto right now.

BitNance – Invest in the New Bitcoin

Developers describe BitNance as a modern take on Bitcoin, but with some upgrades. In recent years, Bitcoin has faced much criticism over its high transaction fees, slow speed, environmental effects, and the likelihood of a select few being able to influence price due to their high holdings.

Investors may often find Bitcoin to be relatively less desirable now despite its high utility since the crypto may be unable to provide massive returns due to its market cap being so high already. Naturally, this hasn’t derailed the top token from growing. However, many have been on the lookout for a strong project that could replicate the pros of Bitcoin without the cons. BitNance has emerged as a solution, offering answers to all the limitations that Bitcoin originally faces.


BitNance is a brand new project, which means that each investor has a chance to get in early and potentially enjoy massive profits as the token grows. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain, as it’s designed to serve as a modern store of value with enhanced security and community-driven support.

Thanks to the network chosen, investors can make BitNance transactions while paying a much lesser fee and also within a shorter span of time. The total token supply of the project is capped at 10.5 million, which is half of Bitcoin. It indicates strong potential for growth, as the token’s low supply will help it gain more value within a shorter span of time.

Dedicated to Building a Community

The most highlighted element of BitNance is its strong community-centric approach. This is something that Bitcoin struggles to maintain since there is no right avenue for the community to come together and contribute strongly to its growth.

Developers realized this shortcoming and have focused on creating a space for the community to be able to participate actively and interact with other members in forming a strong following which could help create value for BitNance as a utility crypto.

To make this possible, the developers have given up all control over the token’s contracts. Investors will be the sole owners of the entire ecosystem, and they will be able to take every major decision as a collective, paving the way for true decentralization within the space.

Ongoing BitNance Presale and Potential Developments


While announced earlier initially in March, the BitNance project launched its presale only a couple of days ago and has since been surging in demand considerably. Its native token BITNANCE is available to purchase from the website directly priced at $0.375.

Interested persons can buy BitNance using BNB or USDT as well as using credit or debit cards. The roadmap indicates potential exchange listings and even teases the possibility of a Web3 product being launched sometime in the future. This may also be why the presale has started raising money at a quick pace now.

To stay updated on the latest developments or to start interacting with the community and learn more about the project, follow its active social media accounts on Telegram, Twitter, or Reddit. With the project growing quickly and the potential for significant value increases, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on BitNance over the next few weeks as the presale progresses.


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