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BitMEX Commits Funds to Cybersecurity-Focused Shadowserver Foundation

Crypto Exchange BitMEX Holds 0.18% of Bitcoins in Circulation
Crypto Exchange BitMEX Holds 0.18% of Bitcoins in Circulation

HDR Global Trading Limited, the company behind the BitMEX, is now a sponsor of the Shadowserver Foundation – a nonprofit security organization to “make the Internet more secure for everyone.”

Now, the company will donate $400,000 over the next four years to the Foundation. This is part of their dedication to Internet security, an announcement notes.

This is especially fortunate for the Foundation, as it is sponsored entirely by donations and these sponsorships.

“Shadowserver provides free public services for the online community, helping Internet service providers (ISPs) to identify and quarantine malware infections and botnets, via daily cyber security network reports,” the post notes.

Speaking on the matter is Samuel Reed, the Co-Founder, and CTO at BitMEX:

“Shadowserver is an extremely highly regarded player in the botnet defence community. They work tirelessly and make a tangible difference to ensure the Internet is more secure for all users. Cross-industry collaboration is going to be essential to the future security of the Internet at large, and not least the cryptocurrency industry. We’re keen to play our part championing security over the long term by supporting such a brilliant organisation.”

The group is essential for cybersecurity reporting, the post notes, so the more support it gets, the better.

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