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As Bitcoin Tumbles, Learn-To-Earn Crypto 99Bitcoins Might Be The Best Buy During The Dip

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The crypto learning platform 99Bitcoins($99BTC) has advanced to the next stage of its highly anticipated presale.

With a user base exceeding 700,000 and over 2 million registered course takers, 99Bitcoins is an authority in the crypto education space.

Its prominence in the industry has helped it raise over $2.2 million in its presale – a significant milestone as it introduces its innovative Learn-to-Earn (L2E) model, rewarding users for mastering the fundamentals of crypto.

At the core of its new rewards system lies $99BTC, an Ethereum-based token crucial for unlocking exclusive access to advanced crypto education content, market signals, VIP groups, and more.

The token is currently available at its presale price of $0.00111 per $99BTC and will increase to $0.00112 in less than seven days as it moves on again to the next presale phase.

Potential investors must act quickly to secure their tokens. 99Bitcoins is one of the most talked-about presales of 2024, and its token value is expected to soar upon its planned launch on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) in Q3.

Bitcoin Falls, More Users Join – A Perfect Opportunity For 99Bitcoins To Shine?

After a solid first three months in 2024, the second quarter has not been too kind to Bitcoin ($BTC). Since its peak in March, it has shed off 17% of its value, with nearly a 10% decline occurring in June alone.

Several factors have contributed to this selling pressure.

For instance, Germany has begun selling its seized 50,000 BTC supply from the operators of Movie2k, which is now valued at over $3 billion at current prices.

Another significant development is Mt. Gox’s June 24 announcement regarding the repayment of over $9.4 billion worth of Bitcoin to approximately 127,000 creditors, who have waited over a decade to recover their funds. This could further intensify selling pressure.

On the regulatory front, concerns arise as the CFTC monitors Jump Trading, accused of conspiring with Terra founder Do Kwon to manipulate Terra’s UST price – a controversial issue reminiscent of events that catalyzed the 2022 crypto winter.

Additionally, there’s apprehension about potential Fed interest rate hikes, which could raise borrowing costs and impact investments in the crypto sector.

Nevertheless, amidst Bitcoin’s recent decline, there are reasons to be optimistic. The renewed 2024 crypto enthusiasm has drawn in more users, which is a good sign, as evidenced by a notable increase in wallet addresses, reaching nearly $1.3 billion by the end of May.

But with this correction, there’s now an even greater incentive for new users to enter the market and invest while Bitcoin is trading at a discounted price.

However, before diving in, new investors should gain a solid understanding of cryptocurrencies, especially considering the aforementioned factors. 

This is where 99Bitcoins excels and serves as an invaluable resource coming to the aid of new investors.

Increased Investor Education Via 99Bitcoins Prevents A Mt. Gox Repeat

The amount lost in the Mt. Gox hack was staggering: 744,408 bitcoins belonging to Mt. Gox customers, plus 100,000 bitcoins belonging to the company.

It is believed that the stolen bitcoins were taken from the exchange’s hot wallet, which included all funds stored in cold storage due to a ‘leak’ in the hot wallet.

This serves as a valuable lesson for new investors on the risks of storing crypto assets online. 

Storing Bitcoin in a cold wallet would have mitigated these risks, sparing holders from the decade-long wait Mt. Gox investors had to endure before they could recover their funds.

99Bitcoins offers courses that educate investors on these practices before entering the crypto space.

Beyond education, users can earn cryptocurrencies simply by learning these critical details about crypto.

Get Rewarded With $99BTC For Learning About Crypto

99Bitcoins has redefined crypto education with its innovative Learn-to-Earn model, offering users an interactive and rewarding learning experience.

Users can earn $99BTC by completing engaging modules, quizzes, and certifications, as well as by contributing to the community through educational content, peer support in forums, or involvement in community-driven projects.

But what sets 99Bitcoins apart as the premier crypto education platform?

Well, as mentioned, 99Bitcoins is not just a leader but an authority in crypto education. For years, it has been translating Bitcoin into plain English with comprehensive guides, tutorials, and explainer videos.

And if that’s not impressive enough, its courses span a total of 79 hours!

Now, participating in 99Bitcoins’ Learn-to-Earn model offers more than just earning $99BTC.

For true students of crypto, holding onto these tokens provides substantial incentives over simply trading them for other cryptocurrencies.

When users keep $99BTC in their wallets, they gain access to advanced training courses, exclusive trading webinars, VIP-community groups, expert crypto signals, and cutting-edge market insights.

Furthermore, 99Bitcoins also has a staking program, allowing users to earn additional tokens over time by locking up their $99BTC holdings.

$99BTC: A New Investor Avenue To Bitcoin’s Potential

For new investors, diving straight into Bitcoin can seem daunting, so taking smaller steps is often more appropriate.

Currently sold in its presale as ERC-20 tokens, $99BTC plans to lead the way in adopting the BRC-20 standard, Bitcoin’s ERC-20 equivalent achieved through the ordinals protocol. 

This transition promises enhanced security leveraging the Bitcoin network, greater permanence, and immutability, potentially paving the way for new token economies within this expanding ecosystem.

Investing in $99BTC is akin to investing in Bitcoin, albeit indirectly. 

For crypto newbies, it’s a more approachable option. It offers the opportunity to learn while accessing valuable content and trading guidance – all while owning a cryptocurrency that mirrors the benefits of Bitcoin.

This is precisely why ClayBro believes the rush of new retail participants will benefit immensely from investing in $99BTC.

Be A Part Of The 99BTC ICO And Airdrop

The presale for potential investors is still currently in full swing.

With a total supply of 99 billion $99BTC tokens, around 10.5% (10.3 billion tokens) are up for grabs during this presale phase, while staking rewards will set aside an additional 13.86 billion tokens for participants.

The presale sets a soft cap at $5.3 million – a crucial milestone to kickstart the project – and a hard cap of $11 billion, marking the upper limit. Once these targets are reached, the presale will come to a close.

To participate, simply connect your wallet to the 99Bitcoins website and purchase tokens using USDT, ETH, or BNB. Bank cards are also accepted.

99Bitcoins’ airdrop is still ongoing with three days left to join, celebrating the launch of the $99BTC presale. 

A symbolic amount of $99,999 worth of BTC will be given away to 99 winners, which will be announced on July 19.

Join the 99Bitcoins community and connect with fellow investors on Telegram, Discord, and X.

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in something that empowers new investors to understand crypto better. It’s not just a presale – it’s an investment in a more educated crypto community. 

Buy $99BTC now!

99Bitcoins (99BTC) - New Learn To Earn Token


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